Llorente has class and pedigree. Let's see what he can do...

Atlético Madrid. They appear, and they win. That’s generally the rule. A free-kick into the box, a Godín touch, a goal, and a victory. They’re already back to their usual selves, with Simeone recovered after his vacations and that tantrum after Milan. I liked the explanation he gave for his momentary weakness: the Champions League final was a like a death, and every death requires a mourning period. But that’s over now and Simeone has had his batteries put back in. The same goes for Tiago, who’s back fit and was the man of the match against Spurs. Tiago gives Atlético extra strength and power, and the team’s better with him in it. What they’re missing now is a number nine, a position that Simeone would love to fill with Diego Costa.

Llorente has class and pedigree 

But Costa is still at Chelsea, who today we’ll see face Real Madrid – a side who’ll want to make amends for the stink they made against PSG. I would like to see some of those who played the second half of that game start on Saturday, particularly Asensio and Llorente, who’ve both earned it. Llorente is the only central-defensive midfielder in the squad next to Casemiro, and the only one who can cover the Brazilian’s absence as well as give him competition. Now Kanté has signed for Chelsea, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to take the opportunity and give Llorente a chance to prove himself as a first-team squad member. He’s solid, but also has class and pedigree. After all, he’s the son of Paco Llorente, the grandson of Grosso, and grandnephew of Gento.

COLUMBUS, OH - JULY 27: Marcos Llorente #27 of Real Madrid C.F. controls the ball during the second half of the game against Paris Saint-Germain F.C

So yes, I’d like to Llorente in situations like today, to check if he’s able to weave in to the thread of the side. I don’t have anything against Casemiro, to the contrary in fact, I like him a lot, but to only have one player for one position is not good – especially if there’s an injury or need for rest. This is why we have preseason for these types of things.

The Paul Pogba soap-opera goes on

Real Madrid’s match, will be preceded by Barcelona-Celtic, with Messi and his new platinum blonde hair. A good double bill, like they used to do in the cinema. And between all that, the Paul Pogba soap opera goes on, still without its climax. Raiola and his commission is the key to that mystery.