Racism and xenophobia "in any form" is prohibited, say Sporting

En un breve comunicado, el club gijonés asegura estar cumpliendo "escrupulosamente las leyes y las normas que lo regulan en el deporte".

Racism and xenophobia "in any form" is prohibited, say Sporting

On Monday evening Sporting issued a brief statement along with a video in which they declared that racism will not be tolerated at their stadium, El Molinón. The Asturian club said that it "is categorically against any form of racism, xenophobia or violent conduct in sport" and went on to add that it is "following the laws which regulate sport meticulously". 

Sporting responded following the incidents in yesterday's league meeting with Athletic Club, which was temporarily stopped by referee Carlos Clos Gómez when a group of fans started making monkey chants when visiting striker Iñaki Williams received the ball.

The incident was recorded in Clos Gómez's match report. Today, Sporting responded with a short video in which the club's non-Spanish players: Babín, Dani Ndi, Afif and Rachid along with capitán Iván Cuéllar expressed their stance on racism in sport with a message to kick it out.

Gijón councillor José Ramón García also scolded the behaviour of "a minority of those attending the game" and said such incident "have nothing to do with Sporting's fans - and even less to do with the values associated with the practice of sport".