Neymar imposter arrested for blackmail over erotic videos

The con-artist used a fake social media account in order to trick women into sending erotic videos and then later attempted to extort money from them

Neymar imposter arrested for blackmail over erotic videos

Brazilian police have shut down an extortion network targeting female Neymar fans. Victims of the con artists were blackmailed after they sent erotic videos to a profile posing as one of the Brazil and Barcelona star’s official social media accounts. One of the people behind the scam has been detained and another suspect is being looked for.

Erotic videos

The blackmailers contacted the women through a Brazilian social network. Firstly they pretended to be a professional photographer and friend of Neymar, making the victims believe they could be put in touch with the footballer. Later the women were contacted through a fake Neymar account, where they were told that they’d be invited them to Spain with him in exchange for erotic videos.

Once in possession of the videos the extortionists asked for money and threatened to post the images on the internet if the sum wasn’t received.

Reenactment: The blackmailers posed as Neymar and asked for women to send them erotic videos