Hortelano's cousin was double the alcohol limit

Spanish sprinter Bruno Hortelano was badly injured in the road accident. His cousin, who was driving, was over the alcohol limit at the time.


Hortelano's cousin failed breathalyser test

The driver of the car in which Spanish sprinter Bruno Hortelano was badly injured yesterday was twice over the drink-drive limit at the time of the accident. According to sources close to the investigation the driver, Hortelano's cousin, had a blood-alcohol level of 0.53 miligrams per litre, with the legal limit 0.25.

The car in which Hortelano and his cousin were travelling.

Sources confirmed the data to EFE, and said that the level of 0.53 was that taken in the second test he underwent.

Spain's fastest sprinter underwent surgery

Bruno Hortelano, 24, won gold in the 200m at the European Championships in Amsterdam in July. He is also the Spanish 100m and 200m record holder.

Hortelano underwent surgery to reconstruct his hand, which was badly damaged in the accident. Doctors have said he will need a further operation. The car Hortelano's cousin was driving collided with a lorry on the outskirts of Madrid.