Atlético Madrid: more money, more goals, more fun!

Atacking Atleti 

One of the most agreeable things about this new season is the more open and brilliantly attacking style of play of Atlético Madrid (in today’s edition of AS there are comparatives to prove it: more shots and more goals than at the same stage last season). Ten game of LaLiga is only a sample, but it’s not dismissible. And next to this is the pure joy of the supporters, who now breathe more easily watching a team with such offensive variety. That cliché of the well taken set piece by Koke arriving on Godin's head is already starting to look old. Now the key is held by Griezmann, Carrasco and Gameiro... and they are finding goals in many different ways.

Griezmann, Carrasco and Gameiro

The "short blanket" dilemma 

And the interesting thing is that they have done it without sacrificing security in defence. In certain ways, you could say Simeone has resolved the great dilemma of football: the so-called “short blanket” in which if you cover your toes, your head is left exposed, and if you cover your head, then your feet are revealed. Well, Simeone it seems has stretched the blanket. It's been a year since he incorporated players with 'better feet’, and all of them have gone through a period of adaptation to the collective system. Ultimately, those who have adapted best have stayed, and those who haven’t have left.

More money = more fun 

Of course it’s necessary to add that Atléti have more money now thanks to their great runs in the Champions League and better television rights. The club no longer has to live off the Falcaos or Courtoises who passed through the club to fatten the farm, nor do they have to sell their best players every year in order to sustain themselves. Now they can improve the likes of Koke, Griezmann and Carrasco, or whoever else. Good players cost money, and a coach that harmonizes and teaches to play with sacrifice, too. Atletico has all of that now, and as such, is attacking more and better, scoring more goals and having more fun. Although Simeone, for some reason, doesn’t like it when people make a point of it.