"I get along better with Costa than Benzema due to the language"

Real Madrid striker Álvaro Morata has told La Sexta that he has a better understanding with Spain forward Diego Costa than club teammate Karim Benzema owing to language, though stressed his relationship with the Frenchman is "good".


Álvaro Morata has told Spanish TV show Jugones (La Sexta) about his relationships with Real Madrid teammate Karim Benzema and fellow Spain forward Diego Costa.

"Costa understands everything I say" 

When asked about his on-field dynamic with the two, Morata answered: “I get along better with Costa than Benzema due to the language. [Costa] understands everything I say, all the expressions, as he’s lived all his life here.” Morata though stressed that he has “a good relationship with both”.


However Morata did expand more on his friendship with former Atletico and now Chelsea striker Costa, saying: “Sometimes we have gone [places] together. Costa is a great person. I have good relationships with other teammates too.”

Benzema v Morata debate 

Morata and Benzema have been at the centre of debate over Zinedine Zidane’ lineup at Madrid this season, with many fans and journalists making clear that they would like to see the young Spaniard get more of a chance to start games in place of the misfiring Frenchman.