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Theo is a lightning bolt with boots on

Theo is a lightning bolt with boots on

He has the look of a footballer. He has a well-groomed hairstyle like Cristiano Ronaldo. And when he runs, he reminds me of Roberto Carlos, and Bale in his Tottenham days when he played as a '3'. Theo Hernández is going to give us a lot to smile about. 

Theo Hernández a human cannonball

He is a wing-back with one hell of an engine. A human cannonball. A lightning bolt with boots on. Theo came on for the second half of Real Madrid's defeat on penalties to Manchester United, to allow Marcelo, the undisputed holder of the left-back berth, some rest. The Brazilian will need to rest, and with Coentrao as his reserve, that idea was utopia. With Theo, the position is well covered. The Frenchman guarantees pace, depth, and generous helpings of the spectacular. He is a gem at just 19 years old. 

Theo is a lightning bolt with boots on

Missed penalty the only blemish

His explosive breakaway, which led to the penalty for the equaliser, was an aperitif for the upcoming season. His debut was encouraging. The only blemish was his missed penalty in the shoot out, but he was not the only one...


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