Valverde: "I am counting on Neymar, we have to wait"

Ernesto Valverde was delighted with the victory over Real Madrid and while accepting that they conceded goals, he says they generated more in attack.



Ernesto Valverde said that Barcelona were "counting on Neymar" and says that he can help the team this year after his side beat Real Madrid 3-2 in the first Clásico in the United States on Saturday night.

Javier Tebas, the president of LaLiga said he was not overly concerned with losing Neymar but would be if it was Messi or Ronaldo who was moving on and Valverde responded to those comments, "I respect everyone's opinion. I try to speak about things that have happened and not things that could happen. We will wait. We are counting on him and we think he can help us a lot this year."

Messi remains the man in Barcelona

Valverde was not slow in getting his praise in for Messi either, or throwing down the gauntlet for his squad, "We are hoping for the best from him and from the whole team. In Miami, he had the chance to show the world how goes he is, he is extraordinary. Our hope is to win every title that we can."

Finally, asked another questions about Neymar, Valverde remained calm but insisted he did not want to speculate and would wait to see what would happen.