Vitolo unveiled: "I've come to Atlético to win trophies"

The forward said he is thrilled to finally be at Atlético de Madrid. "I'd like thank the club for their insistence in making it happen for me to be here today".

Vitolo en el césped del Wanda Metropolitano.

Vitolo is now fully on board with Diego Simeone's team after being formally presented at the Wanda Metropolitano with Diego Costa today. The forward said he is thrilled to finally be at Atlético. "I'd like thank the club for their insistence in making it happen for me to be here today".

How do you feel?

Vitolo presented in front of the fans at the Wanda, New Year's Eve.

First of all I'd like to thank Atlético for the efforts they have made to ensure that I am here today. I'm going to fight to repay the club for the faith they have shown in me and do my best to make  Atlético even greater. I dedicate this presentation to my family who have always been there for me when I've needed them.

Vitolo, fitness concerns are all in the past

How are you physically and how do you view the competition to win a place in the side?

My injuries are all behind me now. I've been working with the physios and fitness trainers for the past month. I'm feeling mch more relaxed and it's all forgotten about now. As for competing for a place, that's good for all of us - winning a place has been the basis of Atlético's success. But I haven't come here to compete with anyone, I've come to form part of a team that the boss has put together and I hope I can help my new team mates.

How do you see yourself taking on board El Cholo's philosophy?

My personal aim is to try to play and help the team however I can. There are a lot of quality players here and how suitable we are to play is for the coach to decide. I really can't wait to start playing.

Atlético still alive in three competitions

Was it depressing to see Atlético knocked out of the Champions League?

Not really. It's true that we were all excited about the tournament because the club has reached the final twice in the past three years but Atlético are still alive in three competitions. Hopefully next season, we'll be back there and in the meantime, let's see if we can win a trophy this season. Atlético have been battling with the big teams for a number of years and that was one of the reasons I wanted to come here. They are contenders for the Champions League and have fought for the league with Madrid and Barcelona. I've come here with expectations high to win silverware.

Have you spoken to Simeone yet?

Yes, we've spoken. He told me what he wants from me, but that's between me and him. I've been following his career and Atlético for years, so I think I will be able to adapt to what he expects from me. Hopefully I can repay him for all of the confidence he showed in me

What are expecting from the fans?

Just that they love me, but that is something I will have to earn out on the pitch. I've played at the Calderón enough to know that the fans are very hot-blooded and vocal, that they really get behind the team. I can't wait to start playing to feel the fans encouragement out on the pitch.