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F1 betting odds 2018: Hamilton favourite and Alonso to improve

The British driver for Mercedes is the clear favourite to remain number one but the Spanish driver is maybe a surprise to end the year above Kimi Raikkonen.
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Apuestas 2018: Hamilton favorito y Alonso supera a Raikkonen
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The new year is already upon us and that means that the world of Formula 1 is revving up its engines for another season...well certainly those betting on the title are.

Lewis Hamilton clear favourite

Bookmakers have already revealed their odds for the 2018 season, which starts on March 25 in Australia, and at first glance there are a few surprises while others are much less so. The least surprising trend is that putting Lewis Hamilton as favourite to retain his title in the Mercedes. No one currently sees anything but a fifth title for the 32-year-old Briton. As is the way with placing a bet, if you're looking to get rich you'll have to look at some of the other drivers to step up, although Hamilton will still allow you to double your money if things go as expected.

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Fernando Alonso and McLaren to climb

One surprise that we'll be keeping a close eye on as the season kicks into gear is the performance of Fernando Alonso. The Spaniard, who finished last season in 15th position, had his well publicised problems last year and changes at McLaren are hoped to see a big improvement. This, albeit limited, confidence is seen in the betting with Alonso fifth or sixth in the order of title chances. This has him ahead of drivers such as last season's fourth-placed driver Kimi Raikkonen, however the returns are still in double figures, ranging between 12/1 and 17/1.

Betting odds for F1 2018 title

Bookmaker and odds


1. Hamilton 2,25
2. Vettel 4,33
3. Verstappen 5
4. Ricciardo 7,5
5. Alonso 15
-. Bottas 15
7. Raikkonen 34
10. Sainz 67


1. Hamilton 2
2. Vettel 3,6
3. Verstappen 4,2
4. Ricciardo 6,5
5. Bottas 10
6. Alonso 12
7. Raikkonen 21
8. Sainz 46

William Hill

1. Hamilton 2,25
2. Vettel 4
3. Verstappen 5,5
4. Ricciardo 9
5. Alonso 15
-. Bottas 15
7. Raikkonen 34
8. Sainz 67

888 Sport

1. Hamilton 2
2. Vettel 4,5
3. Verstappen 5
4. Ricciardo 9
5. Bottas 11
6. Alonso 17
7. Raikkonen 34
8. Sainz 101