It's impossible to put a price on Cristiano Ronaldo

We've reached the point where I don't know what satisfies Ronaldo's hunger more: titles or millions in the bank. No doubt the first, I don't want to believe that this record-devourer, this remarkable player who came to Real Madrid to make an already legendary club even more so, would put cold, hard cash ahead of the celestial music of the Champions League, or the resounding "Síiiiiuuuuu" from the stands at the Bernabéu. Yes, I know, nothing's guaranteed, winning the last Champions League doesn't mean anything in terms of winning it in again in Kiev, but unless someone clearly proves otherwise, being at Real Madrid means being far closer to scaling the heights of major triumphs than being at Manchester United.

Ronaldo feels he's badly paid

Cristiano Ronaldo feels he's badly paid, that he deserves Messi's mountains of euros, or the wads of cash being raked in by lesser players such as Oscar or Lavezzi, who are gifting their tricks to the top (¿?) level of football in China. He's right, his salary isn't in line with the market, or at least, it isn't if we're currently looking at a market where this week a half-decent right-back could end up going for around 300 million euros, plus add-ons, just for turning up. How much are five Ballons d'Or worth? And 540 goals? I couldn't even try and put a price on it.