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Atlético hope fans' whistles won't force Griezmann to backtrack on his decision to stay


Atlético hope fans' whistles won't force Griezmann to backtrack on his decision to stay

Griezmann, muy afectado al ser pitado por un sector de la afición en el Atlético-Eibar.



Godín approached the stands to tell fans to cheer Griezmann because he has decided to stay at Atlético and has told the club.


"Cheer him, he's staying" - Godín approached the home fans at the Metropolitano during Sunday's game against Eibar, and urged them to get behind his close friend Antoine Griezmann because he has decided to remain Atlético next season. The player had made his decision known to the club, his team mates know as do club directors. But the fans were the last to find out - out of respect for Fernando Torres, as to not steal his thunder on his farewell. 

Cheers turn to whistles

There was one poignant moment during the game - when a section of the crowd began whistling the French player, although it must be pointed out that the majority applauded him. However, Griezmann was clearly affected and was seen on the verge of breaking down in tears. Griezmann played a significant role in guiding Atleti to be crowned Europa League champions - scoring in all of the knockout ties as well as hitting two goals in the final; but the members of the stand which had chanted "Griezmann stay!" during Friday's festivities at Neptuno, were now whistling him (or some of them were). And that could end up making the player have a change of heart. 

Back in January, Griezmann had his mind set on a summer move to Barcelona but he gradually changed his mind over the following months. There were a number of reasons for that: Diego Costa's arrival and the unconditional love he was receiving from all quarters - his team mates, coaching staff and club directors all made it clear that they wanted him to stay. Griezmann feels loved and wanted, and an important figure within the team. In the back offices at Atleti, they hope the whistles and jeering hasn't forced him to backtrack on his decision. 

Griezmann's motto is simple: be happy. Be happy playing football. Be happy at work. Be happy during matches. But that might be too much to ask if part of the fans don't want you... 


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