Mazic: a top-quality referee

Milorad Mazic, now 45, is another referee at the end of his career, though he doesn't have the fame of Çakir or Kuipers. The Serbian official, who takes charge of this evening's Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool has, so far, had a fairly easy time of it when refeering Spanish sides in Europe. He's not had to take any really difficult decisions, and the same is the case when he's overseen Liverpool matches.

Mazic: the perfect referee for Real Madrid v Liverpool for many

For some he's the perfect referee for tonight (though in international matches, Ronaldo likely remembers him for all the wrong reasons). Mazic been in great form for a year now. He offers clear body-language to the players, ensuring they know his approach. He's also superb in the boxes. Of course that's his record; things can quickly go horribly off track in a major match. But he's thrilled to be taking charge of this final and he's a world level referee. If he has a bad night of it though, it could have major repercussions for him at the World Cup, if he's remembered as the referee who sent off so-and-so in the Champions League final and changed the course of the match...

Eduardo Iturralde González is a former top-flight Spanish referee


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