Real Madrid, the never-ending legend

What a Champions League final! A game full of passion, fought over to the last breath of every player, with four goals, two efforts off the woodwork, two players left in tears at their match-ending injuries, which may also put paid to their World Cups. Two terrible mistakes from Karius, who at the end of the match publicly said sorry to the travelling Liverpool supporters, and a stunning goal from Bale, who came on with the score at 1-1, with the game on a knife-edge, and made the decisive contribution. A great final, which confirms once again that no matter how football you've watched, there is always something more to see, such as Benzema's goal or Bale's overhead kick. All in a game which boosts Zidane's legend, with his third Champions League trophy in two and a half years.

Real Madrid have won three in a row

Real Madrid have now won three Champions Leagues in a row, four of the last five. It's an amazing achievement for a side who are reclaiming for the colour era the glories of the club's 1950s period. It's a team which has remained essentially the same since Lisbon, well managed first by Ancelotti, then by Zidane. Between the two came Benítez, who also played his part. Casemiro, who came into the side to give it the balance it had so often been lacking. It's a group led by Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo, who made some surprising statements about his future at the end of the match.

Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos lifts the trophy as Los Blancos celebrate winning the Champions League.

Only one can win

Cristiano Ronaldo didn't score, but Real Madrid were in the final thanks to his goals, just as in previous years. But as important as the Portuguese striker has been, Real Madrid existed before he arrived and will be there when he's gone, which won't be for a long time, God willing. The strength lies in the group, who gave Liverpool a guard of honour, in recognition of the merits of Klopp's side who were unlucky (the injury to their star and two howlers from their keeper) and fought with tremendous dignity. But only one can win, and in this competition it's clear who that will be.