Guti "has accepted the Real Madrid job", says Murcia president Víctor Gálvez

Murcia president Víctor Gálvez explained why Guti won't be taking the coach's post: "It was what I wanted, it's a shame Zidane didn't resign two days later...".


Murcia president Víctor Gálvez may well have let the cat out of the bag and given the sports media the exclusive they have been waiting for. While discussing current affairs at the club in this afternoon's press conference, Gálvez explained why José María Gutiérrez 'Guti' isn't an option to take over from José María Salmerón as coach of the Pimenteros next season: “Guti  is going to coach Real Madrid so he cannot coach Murcia. He was the coach I wanted here”. He went on to add that Murica's plans to lure Guti went right out of the window once Zidane handed in his resignation. “It's a shame that Zidane didn't resign two days later. Guti called me to thank me for our interest in him”.

De la Red in mind for the Murcia job

If Guti is headed for greater things, Murcia might be turning their attention to another Real Madrid youth academy coach - Rubén De la Red. De la Red features among the other two candidates for the job - former Melilla coach Manolo Herrero and Josep Gombao, a coach who came through the youth system at FC Barcelona and who has experience working in Hong Kong and Australia. “I have more or less made my decision but first I'd lñike to see them face to face; I will tell them if they can get Murcia promoted to the LaLiga1|2|3 they will be awarded a double bonus but if they don't, they won't receive any redundancy for being sacked”, Gálvez said.