Ronaldo will do what is best for him, says Carvajal

Dani Carvajal does not know what Cristiano Ronaldo has planned for his future, but is sure he will make the right decision for himself.

Ronaldo will do what is best for him, says Carvajal

Real Madrid defender Dani Carvajal says he does not know where Cristiano Ronaldo will be playing next season, but knows the forward will do "the best for himself".

After the Champions League final, Ronaldo spoke about Madrid in the past tense, suggesting that he would not be at the club at the beginning of the new season. 

Last season, the Portugal captain scored 44 goals in as many appearances for Real Madrid, and played a key role when they defeated Liverpool to lift the Champions League trophy for a third straight year.

Carvajal admits he is not close to Ronaldo so he does not know if a decision has been made, but hopes his team-mate will stay at the club.

Speaking to El Transistor: "I don't know [if Ronaldo is leaving], he will know that himself.

Caravajal: "Ronaldo will know what decision to make"

"Since the final I have not had much contact with him. He and his camp will know what decision to make.

"It is normal that within a dressing-room there are always groups. You spend more time with some than others, although we all get on well.

"I am not going to ask him if he is going or not. It is his decision. I hope he stays, but if he leaves for sure he will look for the best for himself."