Simeone: "Filipe? I only want the best for those who give their all"

Atlético de Madrid's coach explained the full-back's importance ahead of tomorrow's trip to Mestalla: “We love him a lot but our minds are only on Valencia”.


One of the first questions put to Atlético de Madrid coach Diego Simeone in this afternoon's press conference was  about Filipe Luis who, according to reports, is considering a move to PSG. El Cholo spoke briefly about the full-back's importance to the team and said while he wants the best for his players, his thoughts are only on tomorrow's trip to Valencia.

Filipe: “The only thing I can about Filipe Luis is what I know: he's a player who we love much much, he is very important for us and for the team but my mind is only thinking about tomorrow's game and what it means. I always want the very best for all of the players who have given their heart and soul for the club. He's a very important player for us. Now you know”.

Would you let him leave? “Right now we are thinking about the Valencia match. The team always comes before individuals”.

Simeone in today's session

Standardizing the transfer period

Closing the transfer market before competition starts, like in other European leagues: “It's always uselful for coaches to know beforehand that the transfer window will close on a determined, set date - especially if it closes before the league starts. It's not easy because there are other people involved with their own interests at heart. The new way other countries are handling the transfer period makes it less stressful for everyone all round - especially for the players who are unable to focus if they don't know where they'll be playing when the season starts. And for us, the clubs, it would make things simpler because we'd know which players we could count on for the camaign”.

Valencia: “We'll be taking on one of the best teams in LaLiga, who have undergone extraordinary growth since Marcelino arrived. As a team, they play with a similar style to ours, with the coach's hallmarks clear to see. With Gameiro, they will be even stronger in attack with Rodrigo, if he ends up staying with them”.