Julen Lopetegui's spy in the stands

The Real Madrid coach uses Big Data to analyse rival's tactics with assistant Antolín Gonzalo utilising newly approved technology from high above the pitch.

Lopetegui, rodeado de Pablo Sanz (izquierda), el ayudante que se comunica con Antolín Gonzalo, y Óscar Caro (derecha).

Big Data, 2D and 3D analysis of hundreds of moves by the opposition, detailed stats of thousands of players… Real Madrid coach Julen Lopetegui has all this info whenever he wants it, thanks to a simple earpiece. The Basque manager has brought his own coaching staff with him to the Bernabéu (assistants Pablo Sanz, Celades y Óscar Caro and physical trainer Pepe Conde) and to these he's added scout and analyst, Antolín Gonzalo. And it's Gonzalo, who he met while with the Spain set up, who acts as his eyes in the stands...

Detailed analysis of matches, live and direct

Gonzalo is responsible for providing Lopetegui an detailed audio guide to Real Madrid's rivals, both before and during the game, live and direct from high above the pitch. He breaks down opponents' strengths and weaknesses (he's a coach in his own right) and talks through his analysis to Pablo Sanz, who wears the famous earpiece, who in turn relays the facts, figures and ideas to Lopetegui. Celades had this job for Hierro at the World Cup, which was when FIFA approved the technology, seen in US sports for a long time now.

Gonzalo produces his analysis using WyScout software (perfect for understanding a rival's system, according to one primera analyst), with Lopetegui being a huge fan of the use of technology. Óscar Caro, his physical coach who Lopetegui brought from the Spain set-up, did his PhD using the analytical tool Amisco. During games, Caro waits for the players in the tunnel to give them instructions as they run out after the break. Pitch-side or from up in the rafters, Lopetegui wants everything seen... and analysed.