I hope the revamp is worth it

I hope that when it’s finished the revamp of the Bernabéu is truly something extraordinary, because the cost of it is going to be massive. And I’m not talking just about the 600 million euros (more than the Wanda and San Mamés, both completely new stadiums, together) but about things like this afternoon at the Camp Nou and for what is yet to come. The progressive weakening of the squad turned into the utter disaster away to Barcelona, which will be the end of Lopetegui. Lacking Cristiano Ronaldo’s goals, Madrid were suffering from a series of terrible results and a lack of confidence. They came out at the Camp Nou nervous and left broken, seven points behind Barcelona, and in ninth place in LaLiga.

It all started to go wrong for Real Madrid down Jordi Alba’s wing, where Bale had switched off. That’s where the first two goals came from, which ended up knocking Lopetegui's team entirely off balance. The end of the first half was a disaster for Madrid, who were under pressure, making mistakes trying to bring the ball out and at a decent Barcelona’s mercy. After the break Lopetegui rejigged his side with three centre-backs (Casemiro dropped back) and Lucas Vázquez and Marcelo roaming on the wings. Between those alterations and a reaction spurred by pure embarrassment (with some notable exceptions, such as Bale), it looked like Madrid might turn things around. They made it 2-1 and were mighty close to making it 2-2…

But Madrid, necessarily pushing up the pitch, were highly exposed. Just like a poker player who goes for broke, throwing in their watch and even what they have left for the taxi. Valverde, meanwhile, also moved his pieces. He changed the team brining in Semedo and Dembélé to make the most of the situation. Amidst all that, with Luis Suárez playing a blinder and Sergio Ramos having a shocker, the result turned scandalous: pure happiness for Barcelona fans, pure misery for Real Madrid fans, who had expected it. Now it’s expected that Florentino will move on by sacking Lopetegui, but that won’t bring back Cristiano Ronaldo’s 50 goals.