Ceferin puts the brakes on Florentino's Super League

Uefa president Alexsander Ceferin has put the brakes on any plans for a European Super League. The current Champions League already includes the best teams form the best leagues (and even features four qualifying automatically from England, Italy, Germany and Spain) offers exciting games, provides shared television monies and has been instrumental in taking interest in the game to a higher level. But, for some, that is not enough and as was recently disclosed with the latest instalment of ‘football leaks’, where a small elite, with disdain for the rest wanted to form a breakaway Super League and it's a difficult revelation for one to ignore.

Chosen few

Before dissecting this matter, it's important to look at the background. Florentino Pérez is one of the individuals in promoting this initiative, with the current president anxious to emulate the legacy of the great Santiago Bernabéu, who himself, was one of the original pioneers behind the development and creation of the European Cup competition. I'm surprised to see that the clubs behind this breakaway move are five English sides, four Italian clubs and just two Spanish teams (with Atlético Madrid kindly being allowed to go to the party). Why is this the case when Spanish clubs are perennially at the top of all UEFA ranking lists?


I hope that any future Real Madrid club presidents who frequent the VIP area of the Bernabeu or other LaLiga presidents who welcome Perez to their grounds have the guile to look at him straight in the face and ask ...why? Why in his breakaway club for the select few is Spanish football so badly represented? At least UEFA president Alexsander Ceferin has put the brakes of this elite, only for the few, breakaway Super League project which has at the same time undermined the recent success of domestic Spanish football