Nadal donates €1 million to flood victims in Mallorca

Sant Llorenc mayor Mateu Puigros described the world number two as a "special person" after he made a huge donation to flood victims.

Nadal donates €1million to flood victims in Mallorca

Rafael Nadal has donated €1million to help victims of the floods in his native Mallorca.

The world number two helped out with the clean-up operation after a tragedy in Sant Llorenc which claimed the lives of 13 people in October.

Nadal, born only 10 kilometres away from the town which was so badly damaged by flash floods, has also provided huge financial support to those affected, having been forced to cancel a planned exhibition match to raise funds after undergoing ankle surgery.

Nadal is "one of us": Sant Llorenc mayor

Rafa Nadal during the clean-up operation after the Mallorca floods.

Sant Llorenc mayor Mateu Puigros wrote in an open letter: "It is a big help from a very special person, someone who shows his love for our land and its neighbours every day.

"He shows his love for his homeland wherever he goes and he shows it in all aspects because he is one of us."

Nadal also made his academy available for residents seeking shelter.

Puigros added: "We know of his immense affection and humanity, which is as great as his talent and results. We have seen this on and off the court."