Impending sanctions for Sergio Ramos and Gareth Bale

Sergio Ramos had everything well planned, the game was into the final minutes and with his side winning 1-2, the Camas born defender commits a blatant trip and immediately helps his opponent to his feet. A yellow card, the fifth which would see the defender miss the return leg but then be available for quarter final stages free of cards. A far mure subtle affair as opposed to the time when Mourinho got a message through via Xabi Alonso ordering Ramos to commit a foul to secure an end of cycle yellow. The problem here is that Ramos was far too honest in the post match interview confirming that he intentionally sought the yellow card, later making a u-turn via Twitter as UEFA opened a case against the player. The matter wasn't helped by images captured by Gol TV where the player appears to confirm to the bench his intention to secure the card. It now appears probable that UEFA will add an extra game to the one match he would have originally missed after accruing five yellow cards.

Referee Damir Skomina shows Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid a yellow card during the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 First Leg match between Ajax and Real Madrid at Johan Cruyff Arena


Something similar happened to Corona, the Mexican currently with FC Porto. In this case though, his faking was picked up by the match official in the post game report. Ramos' case will be judged by UEFA on the post-game evidence and it really is baffling how a veteran such as Ramos could blurt this type of admission, being aware of the consequences. The case involving the Camas born player is not the only disciplinary situation hanging over Real Madrid at present. LaLiga have reported the Gareth Bale gesture aimed at the Atletico Madrid fans last week during the Madrid derby held at the Metropolitano. This is a more multifaceted case with added layers of complexity.

Real Madrid's Gareth Bale


Javier Tebas and Florentino Perez enjoy a fraught and tense relationship. This may have something to do with the originator of the case against Bale and goes some way in explaining the denouncement, however there is a degree of difference between and explanation and a justification. Bale indeed deserves to be sanctioned but in any case it really should be Atlético, defending the honour of their supporters who make the charge against the Welshman. To be fair, this would have been resolved if the referee had witnessed the incident (after being informed via VAR) and red carded the player. But it wasn't the ref, or VAR and not even Atléti who have brought the charge forward but LaLiga under the pretext of protecting the image of the game who have thrown the book at Bale. Tebas has shown his true colours here after his last misstep in giving Barça more rest time ahead of both Copa del Rey ties against Real Madrid.