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  • second half
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New York Red Bulls

14' Amro Tarek

53' Out Alex Muyl in Omir Fernandez

58' Marc Rzatkowski

63' Out Amro Tarek in Derrick Etienne

66' Derrick Etienne

77' Out Royer in Andreas Ivan

Los Angeles Galaxy

38' Carlos Antuna

42' Ibrahimovic

75' Out Carlos Antuna in Emmanuel Boateng

82' Out Didie Traore in Juninho

New York Red Bulls 3-2 LA Galaxy

(NY Red Bulls 3-2 LA Galaxy) Fixtures, scores and results

Zlatan Ibrahimovic took much of the focus as New York Red Bulls locked horns with LA Galaxy at the Red Bull Arena, but scoring wasn't enough.

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Etienne celebrates after scoring for New York Red Bulls


Final Time | New York Red Bulls 3-2 LA Galaxy, MLS

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Chalkboard New York Red Bulls 3-2 Los Angeles Galaxy

Great night for Luis Robles
Etienne for Red Bulls win
The equalizer for New York

94' Game over!! New York Red Bulls beats Galaxy 3-2 at home

94'   Zlatan's attempt is cleared by the defense sending it to corner !

93'   Foul!!! Galaxy has the last chance of the game to tie the game!

92'   Etienne had a great chance to sentence the game, but his shot goes wide over Bngham box!

91'   Galaxy is pressuring up front, they are looking to tie the game !

90'   Four more minutes to play

89'   What a play by the LA squad, they want to tie the game, but Robles is having a great game blocking everything!

87'   Red Bulls wins a free-kick in the offensive half, the attempt is missed

86'   Galaxy is not done, the LA team keeps pressuring the New Yorkers but they are on spot

85'   Zlatan with a new attempt, but it is missed by Pontius

83' Traore leaves the game, in goes Juninho (LA Galaxy)

82'   Traore (LA Galaxy) leaves the game injured

81'   New York with the counter attack, the attempt goes close to the side of the box, LA fans can breathe again!

80'   Robles with a fanstastic save !! The NY goalie blocks Zlatan attempt !!

78' Red Bulls, In goes Ivan for Dani Royer

75' After a great game, Antuna leaves the game. In goes Boateng

73'   What a play by Galaxy, Zlatan centers the Red Bulls defense clears but the Ibra takes back the ball, assist Antuna but the Mexican shot is blocked by the POST!

71'   Back and forth for both teams, this half is excited, Galaxy wants to tie again, New York seeks to finish it

69'   New York with the momentum but their attempt is cleared by Bingham

67' GOOOOOOAAAAAL ETIENNE!!! After VAR review it is a GOAL

66' GOAL ETIENNE, but it was offside, play goes to the VAR

64'   Antuna with a clearing again but his attempt misses the box for so little

63' The game is a splendid back and forth with both teams going for the control of the game

61'   LA Galaxy wins a free-kick in the offensive half

59' GOOOOOOOOAAAAAL RZATKOWSKI !!!!! New York ties the game after Galaxy opened spaces

58'   Antuna with a great clearing but his centers goes long over the left side of the net

56'   New York is waking up and the game is back and forth

54'   New York could have tied the game!!! The attempt is saved by Bingham and the game still 2-1 in favor of the LA squad

52'   Red Bulls tries to counter attack but the ball goes wide and the opportunity is missed

50'   New York defense looks lost, and Galaxy is taking advantage of it, however the attempt is blocked by Robles

48'   Galaxy with the collective play and they pressure at Red Bulls field, trying to find some space to make some damage...

46'   Zlatan with a foul... again and NY wins a free kick in the defensive half

46'   Galaxy starts this half with all the pressure over Red Bulls

45'   No changes in both teams

45' Second half is a go with Galaxy moving the ball

More stats after 45 minutes

First half stats

The goal that gave Galaxy the lead
Antuna's goal to tie the game
Take a look to NYRB's goal

48'   FIRST HALF OVER !!! Galaxy turns around the scoreboard to lead after 45 minutes

47'   New York looks lost, but are trying to find some clearing

46'   Four more mintes to play in the first half

45'  Galaxy is not over, they want another goal and are pressuring hard up front

44'   After the VAR, referee says IT IS A GOAAAL !!!

43'   Zlatan's goal is checked by the VAR

43' GOOOOOOAAAAAL ZLATAAAAN !!!! Galaxy turns the game around to take the 2-1 lead !

42'   The LA squad has all the momentum now, they want to take the lead before the end of the first half, New York is suffering the pressure now

39' GOOOOOOOOOAL ANTUNA !!! With an splendid assist by Zlatan the LA team ties the game before the half time

38'   After the lousy start from the Galaxy squad, they start turning the game around with NY feeling the pressure

36'   The LA team with the pressure at Red Bulls field, but fail to score

34'   GOAL ROYER!! It was in offside so it's NO GOAL

32'   Corner for Galaxy! The visitors are waking up and pressures NY up front, the attempt however is cleared by the defense

30'   Zlatan shoots again !!! But his attempt is blocked by Robles

28'   The attempt is cleared but New York fail to clear the ball and Galaxy pressures up front

27'   Corner for Galaxy! The attempt is close but cleared and the LA team wins another corner now from the right

26'   Galaxy is trying to wake up, they had a counter attack but Zlatan's attempt goes to Robles hands

24'   New York wins a corner again, but the attempt is cleared by the LA defense

23' GOOOOOAL STERES! But it was offside so in the end it was a NO GOAL!

23'   Foul! Galaxy has a good chance, as they win a free kick in the offensive half

22'   The New Yorkers look comfortable in the field, they keep controling the game

20'   Zlatan again true to his style makes a foul, the referee shoul have shown him a card...

18'   Barros-Schelotto is not happy with his team. Jona dos Santos haven't taken the ball nor find some clearings

16'   The home team controls the game, and has all the momentum after Tarek's goal!

14' GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAL TAREK !!!! New York takes the 1-0 lead !

12'  CORNER!!!! Red Bulls is pressuring more the visitors, while Galaxy is lousy on defense, the attempt is cleared by so little

11'   Offside Zlatan, the Swede had a great chance in attack

10'   Delayed over, game is back on! 

9'   Foul by Zlatan over Aaron Long who's down on the field

9'   Red Bulls finds a clearing and had the first dangerous attempt of the match !!!

8'   Foul over Polenta. LA Galaxy wins a free kick in the defensive half

6'   Antuna had the first for the LA squad, but Parker blocks the attempt

4'   The game is played center field, New York and Los Angeles are seeking the ball

2'   Both teams don't manage three consecutive passes, they're both trying to take control

1'   LA Galaxy gets the ball back and starts with the pressure at New York field


Ibrahimovic's ready!

LA Galaxy finished April with one more win (four) and two more points with 13 than any other club

Red Bulls' 3-2 win in Los Angeles last season snapped a four-game losing run against the Galaxy (2L-2D). The second longest losing streak against the LA club.

Red Bulls warming up
From coast to coast LA Galaxy's support
May the 4th be with you... Red Bulls sends its starting lineup
LA Galaxy starting lineup ready and set!

Welcome to the preview and play by play of New York Red Bulls vs. LA Galaxy, MLS week 10 game to be played this Saturday, May 4 from Red Bull Arena. Zlatan Ibrahimovic will look to break his drought against said team.

New York Red Bulls arrived at this match with one thing in mind, to nullify Zlatan, and by doing so secure their second win in a row, which of course was not going to be an easy task.

Red Bulls started the game quickly and that paid off thanks to Amro Tarek's goal on the 15th minute, but the lead for the New Yorkers would end minutes before the end of the first half. Antuna scored the equalizer for the West Coast team, and Zlatan turned the game around with a header that put LA Galaxy 2-1 by the end of the first half.

New York didn't give up, and for the second half, they kept pressing to take back the lead and thanks to a Rzatkowski goal, Red Bull tied the game on the 59th minute. Etienne scored the winning goal on the 67th minute to give New York their second win in a row, which wasn't easy facing a guy like Zlatan Ibrahimovic.