Real Madrid RMA
Nacho 58', Benzema 84', Javi Hernández 88', Carvajal 64'
Atlético ATM
Diego Costa 0', Joao Félix 7', Correa 18', Diego Costa 27', Diego Costa 44', Diego Costa 50', Vitolo 69', Diego Costa 64'

Atlético Madrid put seven past Real Madrid in New York

Robbie Dunne


Real Madrid vs Atlético Madrid: as it happened!

A bizarre game from the start when Diego Costa scored after 46 second as Atlético beat Real Madrid 7-3 in MetLife Stadium. 

Costa scored four and got sent off before Madrid pulled three back but the damage was done with Joao Felix, Angel Correa and Vitolo getting on the scoresheet.

Carvajal kicked out at Lemar and was sent off for the ensuing melee with Costa as Nacho, Benzema and Javi Hernandez added a little bit of respectability to the scoreline on a forgettable night for Zidane and co. in New Jersey.




GOAL! 7-3. Jav Hernandez heads home. 


Benzema slots it home. 8-2.


PENALTY! Benzema takes it. Nacho is fouled.


Bale fires one across goal.


Corner for Atlético now as they get it in the box and try to work it home. Benzema picks it up and gets fouled by Herrera as he is caught on the leg. 


Camello lays it to Vitolo. It's rolling away from goals but Vitolo gets to it and sends it over the bar. So close to number 8.


Camello ruled offside. Real Madrid just want this to be over at this stage. 


Another chance. Camello with the shot and Navas saves. This game is broken.


OFFSIDE! Another chance for Atlético Madrid as Camello races forward, shoots and sees it saved to Vitolo. He shoots and it's blocked up before Camello hits it wide.


VITOLO! He makes it 7-1. He runs down the left hand side and skips past Kubo before cutting inside and leaving De La Fuente for dead. Strikes home. 


Changes made by Madrd before those red cards. Kubo, Rodrygo, Bale, De La Fuente, Sanchez all on for Modric, Isco, Hazard, Marcelo and Ramos.


Carvajal with a nasty kick on Lemar and then Costa jumps in and starts a row with him. Totally unnecessary from both and deserve the reds.


RED CARDS for Costa and Carvajal.


Carvajal and Costa fighting now. A big brawl kicks off after Carvajal kicks the leg off Lemar.


NACHO! He pulls one back. Hazard arrives from the left and the ball dribbles across the box. Nacho gets a leg to it. 6-1.


Real Madrid looking to pull one back. Benzema heads off Savic's head. 


Marcelo with the cross as Ramos tries a chilena this time.


Shot from Lucas Vazquez and it's blocked by Hermoso.


Hazard links with Marcelo on the left. The chilena is just wide as Oblak sees it off.


Costa again! He chips it over Navas after a lovely touch by Felix and pass into his path. This is a massacre.


Renan Lodi fouled by Lucas Vazquez. 


Keylor, Carvajal, Lucas off at the break for Courtois, Odriozola and Vinicius.


Carvajal up against Costa. He wins the corner.


Shot comes in and Oblak saves it after the corner is deliver in and headed out.


We are back underway! 

53.8% 46.2%
possession/5 minutes
  • 0
  • 15
  • 30
  • 45
  • 60
  • 75
  • 90
  • 75% 25%
  • 61% 38%
  • 65% 34%
  • 23% 76%
  • 77% 22%
  • 39% 60%
  • 66% 33%
  • 35% 64%
  • 35% 64%
Yellow cards
red cards
fouls won
fouls commited
lost balls
ball recovered
goalkeeper interventions

Real for action again almost.

Felix has been excellent but Diego Costa stealing the show. 


Real Madrid begging for half-time. And they get it.




PENALTY Diego Costa. He is taken down in the box and the ref points to the spot.


Couple of chances for Real Madrid. Shot by Marcelo is blocked. It comes back out to him and he's blocked again. Vinicius causing problems but missing that final pass. 


Real Madrid attack again. Lemar tries to bring it out but runs it out for a throw. Vinicius attacks down the right and cuts back to nobody. Atlético win it back.


Vinicius with the strike and it hits the post and bounces back to Oblak. So close to pulling one back for Real Madrid. They have improve in the last couple of minutes but still not sure of themselves enough to really trouble Atlético.


Nearly the fourth. Trippier with the cross and Lemar gets a foot to it and over the bar.


Jovic replaced by Benzema after that clash with Oblak.


Real Madrid attack as Vinicius sends in the cross. Headed out by Savic. 


Mario Hermoso with the header from the corner. Courtois saves for another corner.


Cross sent in and Ramos manages to send it over the bar for a corner. Nervy moment for Real Madrid again.


GOAL! Costa. Ramos wth a ball across the field and he gives Modric no chance. Costa slots it home.


Ramos goes right through Felix' right leg and spins him around. Free for Atlético.


It looks like Jovic is worse off. He's off the field now getting treatment.


Looks like Oblak looks worse off than Jovic.


Lovely ball by Vinicius. Jovic and Oblak collide in the box. 


What is going on? Lovely finish from Correa after Koke gets it to him. Trippier did well as Correa takes a touch with his knee and drives home.


And now Lodi is injured. He's holding his side. Not entirely sure what happened to him.


Renan Lodi wants a penalty. Ball played into his path and he takes a touch as Odriozola comes across him. Referee tells him to get up and stop playacting. Looked like Odriozola didn't catch him and the left-back was waiting for the contact.


Atlético Madrid attack again. They look really dangerous every time they do.


Correa coming on for Morata.


Injury for Morata. He takes off his shinpad and it looks like his calf is acting up. No risks taken here.


Hazard drives forward in the middle and passes to Vinicius. He loses it as Atlético jump in front of it and counter.


Felix nearly makes it three. Atlético attacking in waves.


GOAL! Felix. Saul steals it back in the penalty area and Koke crosses low. Felix scores.


Costa fouled. He has looked good so far.


Lovely move from Vinicius to send Odriozola free down the right. He plays it back to Vinicius but Atlético manage to get it away.


Marcelo crosses. He wasn't really looking for anyone in particular but it almost finds Vinicius. He gets a leg to it but not enough. Out for a restart.


Morata through on goal. His touch let him down completely. Courtois saves. Real Madrid win a corner but they look dodgy at the back.


Kroos takes and Trippier heads it away. Costa to Felix and he plays to Morata. His delivery is really good but Marcelo does well to header it away.


And now Odrioziola attacks down the right and wins a corner. 


GOAL! Costa. Felix feeds him after Lemar wins the ball back from Odriozola. He strikes and it takes a nasty bounce of Ramos as it dribbles over the line.


GOAL! Costa.


We are underway at MetLife! 

Hug between Koke and Sergio Ramos and a photo after the coin toss. We are ready for action!

And now Real Madrid emerge onto the field in their Mucha Fuerza Marco tops.

Koke leads Atlético onto the field. 

Atlético still doing their warm up. They've finished now and ready for action.

There's fireworks on the field. No, the game hasn't started yet. They have literal fireworks before the game.

Bruce Springsteen, Ed Sheeran and The Rolling Stones have all performed at MetLife Stadium in the past. The Jets and the Giants both player their home NFL games here. 

15 minutes to go now ahead of the derby! 

Ahead of the game, you can read about Joao Felix by ESPN, and how he fits into Atlético Madrid's style.

Players appear out on the field ready to warm up at MetLife stadium.

We should also get a look at Kubo again tonight later in the game. Even Andres Iniesta was talking up the young Japanese talent recently.

Atmosphere building at MetLife Stadium. 

Trippier made a brave move this summer to Atlético. It's certainly the road less travelled but he has hailed their winning spirit and appears to be settling in well.

Zidane has said he is worried about Real Madrid's injures this summer. Ferland Mendy is out with a thigh injury.

Marco Asensio obviously will miss most of the season after tearing his cruciate knee ligament.

And Brahim is out for the remainder of the summer prep as his future becomes a little murky. 

Bale is on the bench for Real Madrid. 

Carvajal is rested for Odriozola but Marcelo doesn't get such rest. Mendy is injured after suffering a thigh issue. He doesn't have a natural replacement in the squad so it will be interesting to see what Zidane does in the second half. Vinicius gets the nod, for the moment, as Asensio's replacement.

Joao Felix went off injured against Numancia in the first preseason game of the season but he's back tonight after missing the game due to precaution against Chivas. It's also a good test for Trippier as he will get his first taste of derby football against Real Madrid.

Atlético XI: Oblak, Trippier, Savic, Hermoso, Lodi, Saúl, Koke, João Félix, Lemar, Costa and Morata.

Real Madrid XI: Courtois, Odriozola, Nacho, Ramos, Marcelo, Modric, Kroos, Isco, Vinicius, Jovic, Hazard

Carlos Forjanes, AS' representative at MetLife says Bale is at the stadium but no sign or word yet as to what his future holds. 

The Asensio injury has changed many things at Real Madrid and for one of their youngsters. Who will relace him? Will it be Rodrygo or Kubo?

Real Madrd players will warm up with these shirts on tonight in support of their teammate. 

Real Madrid on their way to the stadium.

Apparently that Bale move will be announced imminently!

Madrid might be thinking they've already sold Marcos Llorente to the rojiblancos and don't want to further stock up their rivals with talent. Llorente, who was sent off against Chivas, can play tonight despite the red card.

And that Bale news might be the reason for reports on Friday night that James is set to stay at Real Madrid! 

Plenty of new to cover ahead of the game. It looks like the actual game might be taking a backseat tonight. Bale has reportedly agreed to terms with a Chinese side but not yet with Real Madrid as his future at Madrid looks increasingly short. We will see if he plays tonight or not.

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Madrid derby from MetLife Stadium tonight in New York! Kick-off coming your way at 02:00 CEST.