Is Christian Pulisic Chelsea's X-Factor?

Thomas Delaney, Borussia Dortmund midfielder and a former Pulisic teammate, talked about the American winger and highlighted his qualities.

Chelsea's Christian Pulisic celebrates scoring their first goal against Salzburg

Christian Pulisic's journey in the English Premier League is about to start when Chelsea visit Old Trafford on Sunday, and all eyes will be set on him and his performance as the American is expected to fill the void left by Eden Hazard's departure to Real Madrid, which are big boots to fill.

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  • United States of America

But for Pulisic's former Borussia Dortmund teammate Thomas Delaney, things look bright for the US winger as he confirmed in an interview with Goal.

Delaney believes Pulisic will bring the 'X-Factor' to England, saying he's an amazing player that can make a big impact on the Premier League.

Delaney: "I think the Premier League will enjoy Pulisic"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure he will be a success, he's a hungry player with a high level. This guy can pull things out of the hat at any time, which is always a great skill to have. I think the Premier League will enjoy him."

Pulisic has proved his value during pre-season, impressing his coach Frank Lampard and Chelsea's fans, who expect a great deal from the US international, and Delaney is sure success will come for the Stamford Bridge squad with the American around.

"We will miss him because he has that X-factor. I don't know too many players that can get away from three defenders like him," Delaney concluded.