Spanish Super Cup 2019/20 draw: Real Madrid, Barça kept apart

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Spanish Super Cup 2019/20 draw: live online

2019/20 Spanish Super Cup draw revealed

2019/20 Spanish Super Cup: full schedule

Semi-final one: Wednesday 8 January 2020

Valencia vs Real Madrid

Semi-final two: Thursday 9 January 2020

Barcelona vs Atlético Madrid

Final: Sunday 12 January 2020

Winner SF one vs winner SF two

Kick-off times to be confirmed; games held at King Abdullah Stadium, Jeddah.

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The players' thoughts on the Super Cup draw:

Gayà: "We can't wait for the day of the game [against Real Madrid] to come around."

Ramos: "At the end of the day, the prospect of winning a trophy is all the motivation you need to make sure you head into it in the best shape possible. We'll have to see what kind of nick each team is in [when the Super Cup takes place]."

Busquets: "It's always tough playing against Atlético. They're really competitive and we'll have to fight that bit harder for everything."

Saúl: "Barcelona are always a team that make life really difficult for you. We'll have to find the best way to hurt them."

Semi-finals on 8 and 9 January, final on 12th

A reminder that Valencia vs Real Madrid will be on Wednesday 8 January 2020, with Barcelona vs Atlético Madrid taking place the next day, on Thursday 9 January.

The winners will then face off in the final on Sunday 12 January.

Spanish Super Cup semi-final draw:

Valencia vs Real Madrid

Barcelona vs Atlético Madrid

Semi-final one: Valencia vs Real Madrid

All that's left is for Ramos to pull out his own club, Real Madrid. They go into semi-final one, and will be the 'away' side against Valencia.

Semi-final two: Barcelona vs Atlético Madrid

Saúl now pulls the next name out of the hat, and it's Barcelona, who are drawn as the 'home' team in the second semi - so they'll face Atlético!

Real Madrid, Barcelona can't meet in semi-finals

Gayà draws Atlético Madrid out of the hat, and they will go into the second semi-final as the 'away' side. Meanwhile, Busquets pulls Valencia out as the 'home' team in the first semi.

Right, now the draw actually is underway. Stand by...

On the subject of the position of women in Saudi society and, specifically, their role in football in the country, Rubiales says he wants the Spanish Super Cup to contribute towards the cause of gender equality in Saudi Arabia. An RFEF spokesperson has confirmed that women "will be able to attend all three games without restrictions, and wearing the clothes that they see fit." Gosh, lucky them.

Here's our full report on the confirmation that the Spanish Super Cup is to be held in Saudi Arabia from 2020 to 2022.

Rubiales wants Super Cup to "serve as a tool for social change" in Saudi Arabia

Asked about the backlash the RFEF faces at choosing a country with Saudi Arabia's human-rights record for the tournament, Luis Rubiales says: "Our position is not to turn our backs on the people of Saudi Arabia. We have to do our bit to serve as a tool for social change. The men and women who live there are going to benefit. The Spanish clubs too. There are opinions [against holding the Super Cup in Saudi Arabia] and we respect that."    

Draw underway... almost

The members of the Spain squad are going to draw the balls from the pots. José Luis Gayà, Sergio Busquets, Saúl Ñíguez and Sergio Ramos - who each play for Super Cup participants Valencia, Barcelona, Atlético Madrid and Real Madrid, respectively - are the men called on stage.

Before the draw gets done, though, we have questions from the media

"We're thinking of the players and the clubs," says Rubiales, who reckons moving the Super Cup to January is the best way to accommodate it in the packed season schedule. "We're also making it a more profitable competition," he adds. So I see, Luis.

"By revamping the Spanish Super Cup and making it a four-team event, we're making a change that will serve to improve the competition," Rubiales adds.

With the recently convened Spain squad watching on - they take on Malta on Friday and Romania on Monday - Spanish Football Federation president Luis Rubiales now speaks, calling the new Super Cup format a "revolution".

The Super Cup draw event is underway, but fear not, no balls have been plucked just yet. Following an introductory video, a representative of Saudi Arabia is now speaking, talking of the nation's "huge pride" at being chosen as the hosts of the revamped tournament.

Spanish Super Cup prize money

The RFEF's three-year deal to hold the Super Cup in Saudi Arabia is worth a total of 120 million euros, with 20 million to be doled out between the four clubs involved in each tournament, and the Spanish Federation pocketing another 20 for itself every year.

The King Abdullah Stadium, located in the city of Jeddah, is to be used for the 2019/20 Super Cup.


Not the first overseas Spanish Super Cup

This won't be the first time that the Spanish Super Cup has been played abroad, of course. The most recent edition of the event was won by Barcelona in Tangier, Morocco, in a game that saw the Blaugrana beat Sevilla 2-1 courtesy of goals by Gerard Piqué and Ousmane Dembélé.

Draw without restrictions

Today's draw will be a 'pure' draw, meaning that anyone can be drawn against anyone.

2019/20 Spanish Super Cup dates

A reminder of the dates of the inaugural four-team Spanish Super Cup. The two semi-finals are to be held on Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 January, with the final played on Sunday 12 January.

Valencia and Barcelona qualify as 2018/19 Copa del Rey winners and runners-up, respectively, while Real Madrid and Atlético are in for finishing second and third to Barça in last season's LaLiga.

2019/20 Spanish Super Cup line-up

The quartert of teams involved in the first final four-style Spanish Super Cup will be: Barcelona, Valencia, Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid.

The Spanish Football Federation has today confirmed that the revamped Super Cup will be held in Saudi Arabia for the next three years, starting in January.

Good afternoon and welcome to our live coverage of the draw for the all-new, four-team Spanish Super Cup!