Ronaldo best pitch invader moments: from clotheslines to kisses

We compile the best pitch invader incidents involving Ronaldo, some of which did not end as well for the poor subjects involved as that for the happy fan in Portugal on Thursday.

Ronaldo best pitch invader moments: from clothelines to kisses
Octavio Passos Getty Images

While pitch invaders are a thorn in the side of every stadium security guard (particularly those who aren’t fans of sprinting), Cristiano Ronaldo takes a warmer approach to these mainly innocent intruders who just want a brief moment with their hero.

In most cases, Cristiano has shown himself more than willing to allow them to take a selfie or even give him a hug, perhaps as a reward for their ability to dodge security – much in the same way that the Portuguese star has been skipping around defenders during his career.

The latest incident occurred when an overly eager fan in a Juventus jersey stormed the pitch during Portugal's game with Lithuania on Thursday night. So accommodating was Ronaldo that he allowed the game to be stopped while the intruder took a moment to set up a selfie, before he was lead off in tears by security.

Below we round up some of the best pitch invader incidents involving the Portuguese superstar, some of which did not end as well for the poor subjects involved as that for the tearfully joyous supporter in the Algarve on Thursday.

Ronaldo best pitch invader incidents 

While one pitch invader managed to get a selfie with Ronaldo during the Manchester United vs Juventus match last year, another played a quite hilarious game of cat-and-mouse with security, before being bundled to the ground. Fans will go to great lengths to try to meet their hero, but so too will Old Trafford security guards in trying to stop them.

Selfies, high-five, even hugs are all fair game with CR7, but a kiss is going too far – as this cheeky fan found out during the match between Portugal and Netherlands last year. After the rather unpleasant incident for Ronaldo, he can be seen wiping his face in disgust.

Sometimes invaders get more than they bargained for. This fan just wanted to touch his hero following the Real Madrid-Gremio game in the Fifa Club World Cup a few years ago, but ended up just clothes-lined by a well-dressed man in a grey suit.

Security is stern in Lithuania. Even though Ronaldo seemed to be once again happy to allow this fan take a selfie, security was having none of it -- stopping the excited crowd member seconds before he had the chance to snap the photo.

Chinese security is even tougher than that in Lithuania it seems. This fan got absolutely trounced upon when he tried to approach Ronaldo at a Juventus training session in China in th summer. Ronaldo seemed to find the whole reaction of security quite amusing and bizarrely ran up behind one guard and jumped on his back. Juve coach Sarri seemed to direct the security charge. 

In this clip from a Chelsea-Madrid International Champions Cup game some years ago, this fan seems to be whispering tactics in Ronaldo’s ear for a good 30 seconds, with the player only happy to take the message on board during a lengthy and warm embrace.

During the Champions League final between Madrid and Liverpool in 2018, this aggressive invader didn’t want a hug, but do something that most defenders have struggled to throughout Ronaldo’s career: stop him from scoring. He was rugby tackled to the floor though before he got close, but still gave Ronaldo an excuse for not taking his opportunity.