Real Madrid ask for VAR audio to hear Clásico penalty decisions

With the Spanish Refereeing Committee vocal about being transparent, Los Blancos have asked to hear the penalty conversations had by Hernández Hernández.


Real Madrid are angry with the refereeing decisions made in Wednesday evening's Clásico, one they feel they deserved to win, and not only because they felt they were the better side.

Madrid want VAR transparency

There is a feeling in the Spanish capital that they have been hard done to on a number of occasions in the biggest rivalry in club football. Now that VAR exists they are looking for further explanations as to why things appeared to go Barça's way once again, in an attempt to reduce the likelihood of this continuing.

As reported following the game, Madrid put in a request to the Spanish Football Federation for further information on the decision. According to Spanish sports programme Jugones, they would like "to listen to the audio of the communication between referee Hernández Hernández and the head of VAR, De Burgos Bengoetxea, for the periods of plays surrounding the penalty claims by Varane in the first half."

Anywhere else on the field | Varane penalty shout

Anywhere else on the field | Varane penalty shout

The Refereeing Committee has always insisted since VAR came into force in the 2018/19 season that they wanted transparency and that they have nothing to hide. Los Blancos' hierarchy now want them to prove that by releasing the audio of those key moments of the game so that they can better understand the final decision that was made not to award a penalty.

Last year, Velasco Carballo was happy to make public the audio that went with the penalty decision after Varane was deemed to have fouled Luis Suárez in the 5-1 Barcelona victory that was the final straw in Lopetegui's reign. Madrid are asking for the same action to be applied now.