Chris Dobey ends Fallon Sherrock's dream run

The 22nd seed knocked the Queen of the Palace out 4-2 in the third round of the World Darts Championship in London, but she has still made history.

Fallon Sherrock vs Chris Dobey live online: PDC World Darts Championship
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Fallon Sherrock vs Chris Dobey: as it happened 

Well, thanks for joining us for this moment of sporting history. A shame for Fallon but she's changed the face of the game for ever and is rightly being lauded by the entire sports world. 

And that's the end of the dream for Fallon Sherrock, who took the game to Hollywood early on but faded a little later one in terms of scoring. Wood went from missing everything to landing everything and ran away with it a bit in the end. The crowd are going wild to the extent Fallon can't even hear the interview questions. But she said she'll be back next year. 

94 for Wood, needs tops and lands it for the match. Great sportsmanship from Wood as he invites the crowd to applaud Fallon's great performance. 

Another low score for Fallon and Wood carves out an advantage in the second leg. She could do with a few big lands here to swing momentum back but Wood checks out with some glorious arrows to make it 2-0. He's found an extra reserve of accuracy in the last few legs and hits a ton-plus check out. 

140 for Fallon, needs 64 to take the opener. Just misses D16 to open the door for Wood, who lands tops to take the leg! 

And he bags it on the third dart to take the set! 3-2 to Hollywood, who starts the sixth with another 180! 

Wood takes control with a 140 while Fallon returns fire with two treble 20s. Another 180 from Wood and he needs nine and D16. 

So close to the Shanghai but just misses tops. Wood need D16 and lands it for 2-1! 

Fallon lands a 180 to get herself back into this leg! 120 to check out... 

Nails it on the second attempt! 1-1 in the fifth. 

  134 check out for Wood... but he goes for the set up at treble 20 and D8. 

180 from Wood... Fallon up against it in this leg now. 

My goodness! Nails it! Even Wood smiles in recognition of how good that check out was! 1-0 to Fallon in the fifth. 

Fallon sets herself for a 124 finish... 

180 off the mark from Fallon, straight back atcha from Wood. 15 ton-80s in the match now. 

Here we go with the fifth! 

Some great work from both players in that set, but Fallon isn't hitting the big scores she was managing so effortlessly earlier on. Wood has found his range with the doubles at the same time. 

180 from Fallon! 124 needed. Not to be though as she lands 56. Wood needs D14 but misses! Fallon gets herself into a position for tops but fails to find the mark. Wood holds his nerve to level at 2-2! 

2-1 to Fallon, but Wood with a 2-0 lead in the fourth. 

Wood with some nice darts to move to D16 but his aim eludes him again... Fallon sets up for the bull but the cork remains unfettered and Wood closes out. 

A nice 140 from Fallon, who's peppering the 19 pie now... Wood follows suit to move to 112. 

And here she comes... so close. 20, treble and just misses tops. Wood lands and takes the leg! 

164 to check out for Fallon... she lands 44 for Shanghai... big move. 

180 from Fallon! Leaves her on 81... Wood snatches his arrows from the board in fury. Fallon fails to check out but she's back and nails 13 and D16 to take the third set! 

Tops and D4 for Wood... and he lands both! 2-1 in the third. 

180 for Wood! That's 11 top scores in the match so far! 

70 percent on doubles now for Fallon, just 17 percent for Wood. 

180 from Wood, he's on 84, needs the bull... misses! Tops for Fallon... boom! 2-0 in the third. 

That's two ton plus check outs from the Milton Keynes marvel in the match so far. 

And Fallon bags two treble 20s and D11 to take the leg! Amazing stuff. Wood will be kicking himself for those three loose arrows. 

171 from Wood followed by a 74 to leave him on D8... three attempts. Three misses! 

Both players land 140s... 

Let the tungsten roll! 1-1 it stands, best of seven in the third round. 

Fallon misses the treble 18 and pays the price as Wood hits D2 to level the match at 1-1! 

14 and D16 for Wood but he misses and will need D8 here... misses! D4... misses! Twice! 

More loose arrows from Wood and Fallon has a chance to exert some pressure but hits 60. Wood replies with a ton. 

62 percent on doubles for Fallon, just 21 for Hollywood... 

Fallontastic! She nails tops and double 18 to tap out. 2 legs all! Big one coming up... 

140 for Fallon, Wood replies with 100... both players not hitting the high scores in this leg. 60 for Wood. 60 for Fallon, Wood on bull... misses the cork. Fallon needs 140... gets 44. D8 for Wood... misses twice! 

D16 up for Wood, and he misses! D8 now and he nails it for 2-1! 

Back to back ton-eighties for Wood! He's one for a niner... but has to settle for a tee shot for 52. 

Another 180 from Wood... 60 from Fallon, whose aim has deserted here a tad. 

But Wood responds by landing D18 to level it up... 

Hollywood lands another 180, but he's struggling on the check outs. Fallon is slamming doubles for fun. 

"I can't help Fallon in love with you" reads a poster in the crowd. And Fallon responds with another 180, her fourth of the match. Then she nails D16 for the opening leg! 

Fallon on the oche for the second set... a 134 to get things moving. 

That's put the cat among the Ally Pally pigeons... what can Hollywood pull out of the bag himself? 

Wood misses tops, misses 10s, misses 5s... Fallon's on 18 and tops.... boom! She nails it with nerves of steel! Set 1 to the Queen! 

Hollywood drops to the triple 19s and lands all three. 97 for the Woodster now. And he's doen to tops, a long way back for fallon in this one. 

18 and tops will do it. And he takes the third leg! 2-1 to Fallon now. 

A 100 to kick off the first leg from Fallon... then she loses it a little and lets Hollywood back in to the leg. Another 100 from Fallon, Hollywood tees himself up at 58. 

Fallon with the set up shot to move to 52, she needs tops... nails it again! 2-0! 

And again! Another 180! Hollywood can't quite believe it! 

Fallon's on fire, She Rocks, literally, the whole of Ally Pally with another 180! 

Just wide... Hollywood misses tops and Fallon needs D7... nails it to take the opening leg! 

12 and D16 to tap out... 

180 from Fallon! And the crowd are on their feet now! 

a 180 from Hollywood... Fallon replies with 100

And we're off! The Tungstens are afoot! 

Plenty of Fallon wigs in the crowd... 

A fair few boos for Hollywood... he's not going to enjoy a lot of support here today. 

And here comes Fallon Sherrock, to the strains of Last Friday Night by Katie Perry... and the crowd are loving it! 

Duzza has just said he would prefer not to face Fallon in front of the raucous Ally Pally crowd... how will Hollywood be feeling as he prepares to take on the Queen of the Palace? 

Before the tournament Sherrock was 2000/1 to win the whole shebang. Now she's priced at just 100/1. 

That means the winner of the match between Sherrock and Dobey will face Duzza for a place in the quarters... 

Duzza pulls it back to 2-2... and nails D16 to take the set! He goes through to the last 16.  

Super Chin takes a 2-1 lead in the sixth... could be going all way this one! 

Duzza takes the fifth and moves to 3-2, one set from victory! 

“Everyone’s equal, but you don’t want to get beaten by a woman,” Dobey, the No 22 seed, said before the game and he's under no illusions about who the crowd will be cheering louder for. “I’ll have to be at the top of my game, but this is the draw I wanted.” 

The crowd are getting warmed up for the big one! 

Super Chin holds his nerve to make it 2-2! 

It's a close one so far in the Durrant-Gurney match, 2-1 to the Englishman and 2-1 in legs to the Northern Irishman in the fourth. 

Duzza, the reigning 2019 BDO World Darts Champion, and SuperChin are on before the Sherrock-Dobey showdown. 

Should Sherrock be victorious today, she will go on to face either Daryl Gurney or Glen Durrant in the fourth round on Saturday. 

Sherrock reached the final of the 2015 BDO Ladies World Championship and won the Finder Masters in the same year, adding the World Darts Trophy to her laurels last year before embarking on her current run, which has caught the attention of the world of sports. 

Sherrock made history by becoming the first woman to beat a male player at the World Championships and backed that up with a second round win over 11th seed Mensur Suljovic to set up today's meeting with the world number 23. 

 Hello and welcome to AS English's live coverage of the PDC World Darts Championship third round match between Fallon Sherrock and Chris Dobey.

Fallon Sherrock will aim to continue her history-making run at Alexandra Palace on Friday as she takes on Chris Dobey for a place in the fourth round at the PDC World Darts Championship.

Sherrock became the first woman in history to win a match at the tournament when she dispatched Ted Evetts 3-2 in the opening round, and then went on to beat Mensur Suljović 3-1 to reach the third round.

The action is expected to start at 16:30.