Nick Lima doesn’t believe Chicharito will make a difference

Former San Jose Earthquake’s player Nick Lima believes Javier Hernandez will not succeed in the Major League Soccer with Los Angeles Galaxy.

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Nick Lima doesn’t believe Chicharito will make a difference in MLS
Harry How AFP

On Thursday the LA Galaxy officially presented Javier Hernandez at the Sports Dignity Health Sports Park. The Mexican's arrival in Major League Soccer has provoked different opinions amongst former players and reporters.

Chicharito, Mexico's all-time top scorer signed a three-year contract with the five time MLS champions, bringing his 10-year career in Europe to a close.

Even though he arrives in the United States as one of the best players in the history of Mexico's national team, former players, like Nick Lima, believe he won’t make much of a difference in the league. “He has been competitive in each team he has played, but he won’t make the difference because it is about the Galaxy as a team not about Chicharito,” he explained.

A legend in Mexican football history

During his first press conference as a LA Galaxy player, the 31-year-old stated that he is joining the MLS as a legendary Mexican football player, which obviously created controversy.

“I return as a legendary Mexican soccer player after 10 years in Europe, I did everything I could to succeed in each team I ever played. There were people who did not let me play but that is soccer and I learned from that. I know what I just said, I am aware but this will bother a lot of people,” said Chicharito in his press conference