Simeone: "They whistled me as a player; people can be critical"

"Big name players don't give you stability," Simeone said after today's goalless draw against Leganés, "We're hoping to beat Real Madrid on Saturday".


Diego Simeone reflected on today's goalless draw against Leganés - the team's ninth draw so far this season and a missed chance to gain ground on Barcelona at the top of the table.

The team looks like it lacks confidence: “The first thing we need to do is to get back working. After that, I'll make my decisions based on what I feel is best for the team. We have a week to return to peace and calm, which is something you need in football. I have a great squad and a few lads are expected back from injury this week. On Saturday we will be going out (at the Bernabéu) with the hope of winning the match”.

...and lacking energy: “The public get you going, they get involved and do their part in encouraging the team. We've just played two games away from home that didn't turn out well and the fans were good today. On other days you can easily end up losing games like this. We could have won the game in the second half”.

Atlético sit fourth on 36 points - seven behind Barcelona

Doubts about the coach: “I'm respectful with everybody. I was whistled because I wasn't doing well in my second spell at the club. The fans are critical when the team doesn't win. And it's for me to find solutions to that”.

Anxious team: “That's going to happen when you've just lost two games and you play too quickly. It also makes you elect the wrong option. It happens to every team in the world. In the second half we were more calm. We had a chance at the start of the half and that helped us to settle”.

What would you say to the people who don't have faith in you?

I can't say anything to the people - all I can do is show them through actions, not words. Words mean nothing.

Have the club forgiven you for things which maybe they wouldn't forgive others?

I don't think so, What are they going to forgive me for?