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Barros Schelotto confident Chicharito will get his work visa this week

The LA Galaxy coach wants the Mexican forward to join the team as soon as possible since he can’t practice or play a game until his paperwork arrives.

Barros Schelotto believes Chicharito will get his work visa this week

Los Angeles Galaxy head coach Guillermo Barros Schelotto is eagerly waiting for Javier Hernandez to sort out the relevant paperwork so that he call on the player for the team's training sessions and pre-season games. The Mexican hasn’t been able to play for the team because he still hasn't received his work visa. With any luck, it should arrive this week.

After hosting an open practice for the fans on Saturday, Schelotto said that he is happy with the current team and hopes that Chicharito’s visa arrives in the next few days so that the forward can start training with the rest of the squad.

“We can’t count with Chicharito right now but we have been in constant communication and I explained to him what I expect from him in the field. We are just waiting for the visa to arrive and hopefully that happens Thursday or Friday and then he will have plenty of time to join the rest of the team before playing Houston in the first game of the 2020 season,”  Schelotto said when asked about Hernandez's situation.

What is expected from Chicharito

Barros Schelotto is well aware that Chicharito is a different player who he expects will contribute a lot of goals as well as be a vital team player who can make an instant impact.

We have been talking a lot about how I think he can help the team during the games. We expect goals and much more from him. He is a special player that has to give us something extra than the rest so we have high expectations and hopefully he can score many goals this year,” expressed Galaxy’s coach.