UK coronavirus press conference for Monday 13 April

The latest daily briefing from the UK government on the Covid-19 pandemic, led by Dominic Raab. So far 89,554 people have been confirmed to have the virus, with 11,346 having died.

UK coronavirus press conference live: Monday 13 April

In the briefing Raab said the entire UK government was "united in its national mission" to beat Covid-19. He also paid tribute to members of the public who heeded advice to stay locked down over Easter. "The overwhelming majority of people stayed at home... by staying home this weekend you've saved lives", said the foreign secretary.

Raab also said that although there were positive signs from the coronavirus data the "UK is still not past the peak".

Johnson recovering at Chequers

The daily coronavirus briefing from the UK government live from Downing Street. The pandemic crisis continues in the UK with 89,554 people now confirmed to have had Covid-19, while 11,346 have died. The official number of people who have recovered is currently unavailable, but is at least 650.

Boris Johnson, the Primer Minister, is one of those to have recovered - after leaving intensive care on April 9 he is now recovering at the PM’s Chequers country estate. He said of the staff who had cared for him: “"I can't thank them enough. I owe them my life.”

Dominic Raab in charge during coronavirus pandemic

A spokesman for the Prime Minister said Johnson is not doing any work: "The prime minister is focusing on his recovery and he is not currently carrying out government work.” Dominic Raab, the Foreign Secretary, is currently acting as stand-in Prime Minister.

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