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Coronavirus global summary: deaths, cases, news - 27 April

A woman wears a face mask as she waits for her turn at Del Carmen Hospital in Santiago, on April 27, 2020, amid the new COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. (Photo by MARTIN BERNETTI / AFP)

Coronavirus live global: latest Covid-19 news - Monday 27 April

A pause...

We're going to pause our live coverage of the global coronavirus pandemic for a few hours, but we'll be back before you know it to take you through Tuesday's latest developments and statistics. Many thanks for joining us.

Coronavirus: the complete guide to the Covid-19 pandemic


Coronavirus: the complete guide to the Covid-19 pandemic

Coronavirus: the complete guide to the Covid-19 pandemic

All the information you need to understand the coronavirus and ways to stay safe during the Covid-19 pandemic:

Difference between social distancing, quarantine and isolation


Difference between social distancing, quarantine and isolation

Difference between social distancing, quarantine and isolation

New words and terms have entered our lexicon during the coronavirus pandemic but what do they mean and how should we act within the given guidelines?

Full story:

“Somebody” failed to stop “so much unnecessary death”, says Trump

During his press briefing in the White House Rose Garden, Trump also offered cryptic remarks in which he said - without clarifying who he was referring to - that “somebody a long time ago” failed to prevent “so much unnecessary death” in the United States as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus: Real Madrid "the only club who won't come out of pandemic in tatters"


Coronavirus: Real Madrid "the only club who won't come out of pandemic in tatters"

Real Madrid "the only club who won't come out of the pandemic in tatters"

Former Real Madrid boss Fabio Capello says the LaLiga giants' rivals are likely to be far more affected by the financial impact of Covid-19.

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Coronavirus: will the IRS send a second stimulus check to eligible Americans?


Coronavirus: will the IRS send a second stimulus check to eligible Americans?

Will the IRS send a second stimulus check to eligible Americans?

An estimated 80 million people are eligible for stimulus checks. Those yet to receive their money can check the status of their payment on an IRS website.

Full details:

Trump "can't imagine why" more disinfectant-related emergency calls

Asked by a reporter about the fact that American state Maryland has registered a higher than usual number of emergency calls as a result of people ingesting disinfectant, Donald Trump told his press briefing: “I can’t imagine why.”

The US president controversially touted disinfectant injections as a potential coronavirus cure on Thursday, leading to a large number of hospital admissions in the country.

Trump: US "getting better"

Speaking at his coronavirus press briefing in the White House Rose Garden, Donald Trump has said the United States as a whole is “getting better” as it bids to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

We continue to see encouraging signs of progress," the US president insisted.

We are not happy with China- we believe it [the pandemic] could have been stopped at the source,” Trump also said, adding: "We are doing serious investigations.”

Coronavirus: social distancing for running or cycling


Coronavirus: social distancing for running or cycling

Social distancing for running or cycling

Studies show that the social distancing that we apply to other daily activities such as shopping, of around two metres, is not sufficient for exercise.

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Trump to speak to media at 17:30 EST

United States president Donald Trump has confirmed on Twitter that he is to hold a coronavirus press briefing at 17:30 EST (14:30 PST, 23:30 CEST). The news conference had earlier been cancelled, before White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany then tweeted that it was back on.

You can watch Trump's press briefinghere.

Nigeria lockdown to continue for another week

The president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, has announced that lockdown measures in the Africa country will continue for another week.

Nigeria’s lockdown, which has been in place for just under a month in Ogun States, Lagos and Abuja, had been due to end today.

According to figures compiled by Johns Hopkins University, there have been 1,273 coronavirus cases in the country, where 40 people have died as a result of Covid-19.

Heartburn drug famotidine in New York hospital trials


Heartburn drug famotidine in New York hospital trials

Heartburn drug famotidine in New York hospital trials

New York has been the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States and hospitals are studying common heartburn drugs to treat Covid-19.

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Coronavirus: Dr Elisa Granato, Europe's first vaccine trial volunteer


Coronavirus: Dr Elisa Granato, Europe's first vaccine trial volunteer

Dr Elisa Granato, Europe's first Covid-19 vaccine trial volunteer

The Italian zoologist and microbiologist received her first injection on Thursday - before having to deny rumours of her death in the days that followed.

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Coronavirus: Covid-19 reporter caught mid-nap in live broadcast


Coronavirus: Covid-19 reporter caught mid-nap in live broadcast

Coronavirus reporter caught mid-nap in live broadcast

During a live report on the coronavirus crisis, this journalist for a regional TV station in Spain's Canary Islands was caught, er, 'resting his eyes':

UEFA releases 236.5m-euro fund amid Covid-19 crisis

UEFA, European football's governing body, has announced that its member associations will benefit from a 236.5-million-euro fund to help "meet the challenges of Covid-19".

Each of the 55 members will be able to access up to 4.3m euros, paid across this season and next, and use it however they see fit.

"Our sport is facing an unprecedented challenge brought about by the Covid-19 crisis," UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin said in a statement on Monday.

"UEFA wants to help its members to respond in ways that are appropriate to their specific circumstances. 

(Text: Perform)

You’ll find the full story on that here.

Trump coronavirus press briefing back on

Having earlier cancelled a Donald Trump press briefing scheduled for 17:00 EST on Monday, the White House has now announced that the US president will finally be talking to the media.

After his controversial touting of disinfectant and UV light as possible Covid-19 cures on Thursday - comments which led to dozens of hospital admissions across the States - Trump was thought to be preparing to step back from his daily coronavirus press conference.

He took no questions on Friday, before the weekend saw no briefings.

Coronavirus: Can you get Covid-19 from food and food packaging?


Coronavirus: Can you get Covid-19 from food and food packaging?

Can you get Covid-19 from food and food packaging?

Although extreme caution is recommended when it comes to hygiene, there is a low risk of coronavirus infection from food or its packaging.

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3 million cases worldwide

Over 3,000,000 cases of coronavirus have been reported as of Monday 27 April 19:00 CEST.

The virus started in China at the end of 2019/beginning of 2020 with the first reported death in Wuhan on 9 January. The first confirmed death outside of China was in the Philippines at the beginning of February. Since then over 200,000 people have lost their lives due to the virus although we will have to wait until the pandemic is over to see official results. 

There were 1 million cases on 3 April and that figure has tripled in three weeks despite severe lockdown measures in some countries although many of those countries are starting to ease restrictions.

Europe has seen over 40% of all cases and the US has seen 25%. It was taken four months to get to 3,000,000 cases. 

Italy death toll rises but numbers of cases dropping

Deaths from the COVID-19 epidemic in Italy climbed by 333 on Monday against 260 the day before, the Civil Protection Agency said, but the daily tally of new cases declined to 1,739 from 2,324 on Sunday, posting the lowest reading since March 10.

The total death toll in Italy since its outbreak came to light on Feb. 21 now stands at 26,977, the agency said, the second highest in the world after that of the United States.

The number of confirmed cases amounts to 199,414, the third highest global tally behind those of the United States and Spain.


The Financial Times say that actual death total could be 60% higher than that reported.

Swiss rush to get haircuts, visit dentists as coronavirus restrictions eased

(Reuters) - Haircuts, massages and shopping for garden supplies topped the agenda for Swiss on Monday as the country slowly started easing restrictions on public life imposed in March to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Queues formed in front of garden centres as people battling cabin fever emerged from six weeks of staying at home at the government's urging.

"I think it is about time. We have to live our lives, so I think it is important that we keep doing our activities and contact with people is so important, even in a queue like that," shopper Christiane Ansermet said as she waited to enter the

Schillinger garden centre in the town of Gland on Lake Geneva. Anne Schilliger, owner of the garden centre, said her business had been shut since March 17, forced to throw away a quarter of its annual production and losing 15% of turnover.

"So this is a lot for us and it is going to be difficult to get through this," she said, striking a downbeat tone echoed by other small business owners.

More than 1,350 people in Switzerland have died of the COVID-19 respiratory illness the coronavirus causes. The number of people with positive tests is nearing 30,000.

Only grocery stores, chemists and other "essential" businesses have been allowed to open during the lockdown.

WhatsApp battling misinformation

WhatsApp has been fighting misinformation on its platform with several hoax messages being sent around during the coronavirus. They have reduced the number of people you can forward a message to from five to one according toThe Guardian.

WhatsApp Spokesperson:

"WhatsApp is committed to doing our part to tackle viral messages. We recently introduced a limit to sharing “highly forwarded messages” to just one chat. Since putting into place this new limit, globally there has been a 70% reduction in the number of highly forwarded messages sent on WhatsApp. This change is helping keep WhatsApp a place for personal and private conversations."

Italy opening up...slowly

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has laid out a detailed plan for a very gradual end to Europe's longest coronavirus lockdown. Here are the main measures:

From 27 April - All public works considered strategic, relating to hydrogeological instability, school building, public housing and prisons, can resume. Conte said some key export-oriented firms could also reopen if they get permission from local officials.

From 4 May - The manufacturing, construction and wholesale sectors will be allowed to reopen providing companies can comply with strict health safety protocols. Firms in these sectors can start to prepare for reopening from April 27. People will be able to visit relatives, but only in small numbers. Masks are expected to be worn during such visits and social-distancing rules still apply. Masks will have to be worn whenever social-distancing rules cannot be guaranteed.

YOU can ask a question

Britain's government will give a member of the public the chance to ask ministers, scientific and medical officers a question at its daily briefing on its fight against the novel coronavirus, it said on Monday.

Just hours after Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised to give the public 'the maximum possible transparency' over ministers' thinking over measures to ease the coronavirus lockdown, the government asked the public to get involved.

'The government will answer one question from a member of the public at the daily coronavirus (COVID-19) press conference,' it said in a statement.

Transparency skeptics have highlighted that the government will select the question they want to answer.

Coronavirus: USA deaths from Covid-19 predicted into July


Coronavirus: USA deaths from Covid-19 predicted into July

Covid-19 death predictions by country/region

Where countries like Spain have seen the date move closer, the USA will have to wait longer. Interestingly, however, the actual number of deaths predicted is reversed.

Full story:

Concern over child cases

“There is a growing concern that a [Covid-19] related inflammatory syndrome is emerging in children in the UK, or that there may be another, as yet unidentified, infectious pathogen associated with these cases.”

This statement was part of an alert to GPs in the UK, and has sparked a national alert. Read more.

EPL return requirements

If you are missing watching the Premier League stars strut their stuff on television, Jason Burt considers who and what is needed to get it back, in some form.

Johnson's thanks to UK

Prime Minister Boris Johnson thanked Britons for abiding by the lockdown as he returned to work on Monday after recovering from a serious Covid-19 infection, saying Britain was turning the tide against the coronavirus spread.

'Everyday I know that this virus brings new sadness and mourning to households across the land and it is still true that this is the biggest single challenge this country has faced since the war,' Johnson said outside his Downing Street office.

Johnson, who spent days in intensive care in hospital after he was infected with the virus, said the country was coming 'to the end of the first phase of this conflict'.

'We must also recognise the risk of a second spike, the risk of losing control of that virus and letting the reproduction rate go back over one because that would mean not only a new wave of death and disease but also an economic disaster,' he said.

China on the coronavirus defensive

China said on Monday it is a victim of Covid-19 disinformation and not an instigator, responding to a question about a European Union report that alleged China was spreading disinformation about the outbreak. Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang made the remarks during a daily press briefing, via Reuters.

China's foreign ministry also stated that it has no information to offer regarding North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, amid conflicting reports and speculation about his whereabouts and medical condition

Russia surpasses China

Russia reported 6,198 new confirmed coronavirus cases on Monday versus 6,361 on the previous day, which took the national tally of infections to 87,147.

The Russian coronavirus crisis response centre said that 50 more deaths of coronavirus patients were confirmed in the last 24 hours. In the number of confirmed coronavirus cases, Russia surpassed mainland China, which reported the total of 82,830 cases on Monday. 

Australian schools back

The country has been praised for its handling of the coronavirus outbreak but that does not mean that everything is a clear road back to normality.

Government health on LaLiga

Cautious approach continues to be taken on the return of Spanish football.

Australian tracing

More than a million Australians rushed to download an app designed to help medical workers and state governments trace close contacts of Covid-19 patients, as Prime Minister Scott Morrison's approval rating soared on his pandemic response, reported Reuters.

Australia has been one of the most successful countries in fighting the coronavirus pandemic, recording just 83 deaths and 6,700 cases, due to border closures, movement restrictions and a stay-at-home policy. It has lowered its infection rate to currently around 1% from 25% in March.

Johnson easing back

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to announce plans for easing the lockdown as early as this week after he returned to Downing Street on Sunday night, the Telegraph reports.

Johnson is due to be back at work today after spending a week in hospital with Covid-19 and two weeks recovering at his country residence.

Joint effort

This pandemic has seen the four national sports newspapers in Spain come together to raise money.

Full story

Coronavirus: Busy Madrid street raises alarm bells as under-14s allowed out


Coronavirus: Busy Madrid street raises alarm bells as under-14s allowed out

Spain's child freedom

Yesterday saw Spanish parents rejoice as Sunday was the first day in a month that they could take the children out of the house.

There were clear guidelines on what was permitted, with social distancing at the heart of it, and while many reports confirmed that these had been followed, as usual a minority of people spoiled it for the rest and grabbed the headlines. 

Coronavirus live blog - welcome

Good morning/afternoon/evening wherever you are joining us from today. It's Monday 27 April and we have all the global news on Covid-19 as the fight continues against the pandemic.

As we start off this live feed, the total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus around the world is on the verge of passing three million and, as you will likely know, we passed the 200,000 mark of related deaths over the weekend.