Mbappé will break the mould of the Galáctico

The French player is wanted by Real Madrid and while they want to buy him in 2021, Leonardo would prefer to let him walk for free in 2022.

Mbappé rompería el molde

It's the worst kept secret in football: Real Madrid want Kylian Mbappé as their next big signing. The man in charge of bringing him to the Bernabéu is Florentino Pérez. The Madrid president is an expert in signing galacticos having signed 9 in the past. Mbappé would be the 10th and the one that breaks the mould too. Due to the pandemic, Madrid will be forced to wait a season for the French star.

If he does end up putting on the Real Madrid jersey, he will become the youngest and the most expensive galactico under Florentino Pérez. He brought in four of them during his first spell, all of them over 25 and for a maximum of €72 million. The second time around, he has signed five more with James being the youngest at 23 and Bale being the most expensive at €101 million. As we await Hazard's bonus payments, he could become the most expensive.


Figo 2000 27 60M€
Zidane 2001 29 72
Ronaldo 2002 25 45
Beckham 2003 28 25
Kaká 2009 27 67
Cristiano 2009 24 96
Bale 2013 24 101
James 2014 23 80
Hazard 2019 28 100

In total, the president of the club has splashed €646 million on star players. €71.77 million on average for each. The average age has been just over 26. If Mbappé arrives in 2022, he will be the youngest at 22 and for a heftier price than any of those who came before him. It is unknown just how much yet but it will be more than €100 million.

Everything depends on how badly the market effects bank balances. AS understand that Leonardo, PSG's sporting director, would prefer to let him walk for free in 2022 if he doesn't renew than sell him in 2021.