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Second stimulus check of $6,000: how much would couples and children receive?

The Democrats are pushing for a $3 trillion relief package to help families through the financial hardship during the Covid-19 pandemic, with an increase for those with children.

Second stimulus check of $6,000: how much would couples and children receive?
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US officials continue to look for an agreement over the next stage of support to help Americans and business through the financial challenges imposed upon them by the coronavirus pandemic. One of the latest proposals coming from the Democrats would see households receive $6,000 with families benefiting the most.

Couples and child benefits

The $3 trillion relief package being put forward would provide people earning up to $75,000 annually with $1,200, with the figures doubled for couples without children. However, unlike the payments that were approved by Congress in March, this bill would also offer $1,200 for each dependent child under the age of 17 (max. 3) rather than $500.

Decisions | The U.S. Capitol dome is pictured ahead of a vote on the additional funding for the coronavirus stimulus economic relief plan.

It has been given the name ‘The Heroes Act’ and you can read about the rest of its features here. Obviously, for this proposal to become a reality it will need agreement from Republicans, and from everything that has been said thus far, it is going to take some turnaround.

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