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Restaurant opening hours during Memorial Day

Many refreshment, food and coffee outlets will close on Memorial Day (May 25) with others operating with a reduced timetable on Monday.

Restaurant opening hours during Memorial Day
Matthew McDermott Matthew McDermott / Polaris

Memorial Day will be celebrated on Monday 25 May with festivities taking place over the  weekend with many US citizens divided over whether to re-open the country or not. Scientists are concerned that the mingling that usual takes place during Memorial Day weekend could see a spike in cases but they have given advice on how to celebrate the holidays in a safe way.

Memorial Day itself falls on Monday (25 May) and with coronavirus restrictions in many areas it is wise to consult consult CDC and WHO guidelines on how to enjoy food and drink safely at coffee shops and restaurants.

Opening hours on 25 May

Burger King: The burger chain is expected to operate normal working hours but this may not apply to some of the franchise outlets.

McDonald's: As per BK, most branches of McDonald's are expected to be open for business in the traditional timetable but this may not apply to the franchises.

Starbucks: The coffee chain will operate normal working hours on Memorial Day.

Subway: The sandwich normally opens on Memorial Day, some smaller restaurants may close in specific locations, so call customer services ahead of heading out.

Taco Bell: Fans of tacos and burritos are in luck with the Mexican-inspired food chain set to remain open on Memorial Day.

It's highly recommended that you check ahead online to avoid disappointment with the outlet of choice with all the above offering take-a-way services as well as sit-in.