Barcelona want to create mosaic for Atlético Madrid game

Barcelona want to sell 15,000 jerseys to raise money for the fight against coronavirus and will put out the jerseys in the stand at the Camp Nou for the Atlético game.

Barcelona want to create mosaic for Atlético Madrid game

Barcelona want the visit of Atlético Madrid at the Camp Nou to be an act of solidarity in the fight against coronavirus. Despite the fact that the game will be played behind closed doors, the club have created a campaign called 'Aquí juguem tots' - everyone plays here - and they want to fill one part of the stands with personalised jerseys from the first team.

Jersey mosaic for Barcelona vs Atlético Madrid

Every jersey will cost €65 and will be available to buy for all season-ticket holders and members of the club. With the jerseys, they will create a mosaic and if you buy a jersey you will get a photo to keep as a memory of the endeavour. Filling the entire stand with the jerseys will bring in €975,000 and will be sent to the FC Barcelona foundation in collaboration with the Red Cross to feed the most vulnerable kids at this time.

On 15 June, they will start to sell the jerseys on the club's website and once the game is played, they will send the jerseys to the homes of the buyers. At this time with games set to be played behind closed doors, they will allow the club's peñas (supporters clubs) to hang their banners in the stadium.

The club;s board agreed to reopen the club museum and Barça store from 8 June.