Ander Herrera: "Mourinho is the world's best coach - when things are going well..."

José Mourinho's management style has been discussed by Ander Herrera, who also opened up about his departure from Manchester United.

Herrera: Mourinho is the world's best manager… when things are going well

Ander Herrera is in no doubt that there is no better manager in the world than José Mourinho when the going is good, but if he has a downside, it's that he does not take losing well. The Paris Saint-Germain midfielder reflected on playing under Tottenham boss Mourinho at Manchester United and has largely fond memories of the manager's two-and-a-half-year tenure.

Mourinho hates losing

"Mourinho is the best manager in the world when things go well,” Herrera told The Athletic.  "The relationship with the players, the way he treats everyone; I really liked his training sessions. Also, with [assistant] Rui Faria, they were a fantastic team together.  But it is also true, when he loses, he does not take it in a good way. That is true. And he accepts that! He does not hide from it. We have a great relationship. The first year was fantastic, we won three titles. The second year, we won 84 points in the Premier League and came second. We lost the FA Cup final but we played much better than Chelsea [that day], if you remember that game. It is true the last six months was a bit different because he had some disagreements with the club. When you see your manager has some confrontations with the club, you do not perform the same way. Everything affects the training session, everything affects the daily work."

Herrera previously discussed his decision to leave United and has now elaborated on the subject, wishing the Premier League side had offered him a new contract sooner.

"It was not about money and it was not about the duration of the contract offer," he said of his decision to join PSG last year on a five-year deal. In my opinion, I waited too long [for an offer from United] and deserved more attention from the club. I gave everything. I never complained. I never went to the media to complain about anything. I never put a bad face to any manager, to any member of the board, and they waited until I had five or six months left on my contract – that's why I had some disagreements with them.  I thought they were going to come two years before my contract finished, like most other clubs do. I expected them to come to sign a new contract after my club Player of the Year award in 2017. I just felt sad."

Herrera's remembers happy times at Old Trafford

But Herrera still remembers United fondly, adding: "This is only professional and I have no personal problem with them.  "Even if I see [United CEO] Ed Woodward tomorrow, I'll give him a hug because it is life. I had a great relationship with him. He is a very good man but we had some disagreements with our point of views about the team and about the club. That's it. Every time I wore the United shirt, I was so proud. In spite of what I told you before, I don't have one bad word for the club. So thankful for the club and how I was treated for five years."