Stimulus check by state: how to find and get non-federal aid

While the CARES Act was approved to support those hit financially by the Covid-19 pandemic, efforts at a local level have proved to be crucial for survival.

Stimulus check by state: how to find and get non-federal aid

Although it was way back in March that the CARES Act was brought into force, there are still a number of people who have not received payments. For this reason, some local governments are looking to take steps to aid their own citizens.

Local government financial support

The national news may be all about when the second stimulus package will be agreed, if at all, and what ti will look like, but at a local level it is vital that the authorities act to help their residents now. Many local governments are doing this and it is important that you know what support is available where you live.

As state and local governments are issuing their own stimulus checks, you will have to search on their respective websites to see what they are doing with their CARES Act funds. They also have programs to help with mortgage payments, utilities, food, and rent, among other aspects, f you have been impacted financially by the coronavirus pandemic. The websites should contain all the information you require.

After scouring numerous local government websites it is clear that there is plenty of aid being made available to low income households and others to get them through this unprecedented period. Not all of them are being pushed as well as they could so have a check or call them to find out how you could be helped.