17 Indian employees missing after testing positive for coronavirus

The situation in India is complicated with the number of cases of covid-19 rising rapidly, and with much of the country coming out of lockdown.

17 Indian employees missing after testing positive for coronavirus

Police in Gruguram, Haryana are in search of 17 employees of carmaker Maruti Suzuki, who tested positive for covid-19, and subsequently disappeared.

Gruguram authorities have been accused of inattention and administrative negligence after major car manufacturer Maruti Suzuki allegedly concealed the fact that 17 of their employees from Jhajjar and Gurugram were infected with coronavirus and had been displaying symptoms.

Maruti Suzuki is believed to have established an internal isolation center at its premises before then discovering that 17 of those employees who tested positive for covid-19 had gone missing.

Local police and Haryana health department are in search of the 17 patients but have so fair had  no leads as to their whereabouts. The incident has raised a raft of questions over the attentiveness of local authorities in Gurugram particularly in the light of a similar incident in the same district earlier, when 67 coronavirus patients went missing.

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Number of covid-19 cases rising

The number of confirmed covid-19 cases in Gurugram rose to 4,512 cases after 85 new confirmed cases were reported on Monday, of which 1,820 are still active cases, while sadly 66 patients have died of virus-related complications in the district.

India has recorded the highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Asia and the fourth-highest number of cases globally with a tally of 425,000 cases, 237,000 recovered patients, and 13,699 deaths. The country has been forced to cancel medical staff vacations in an attempt to contain the situation.