90% of Ghana's ministry of education contracted Covid-19

The education minister confirmed that out every 50 people at the ministry of education 45 have contracted the virus.

90% of Ghana's ministry of education contracted Covid-19

Ghanaian minister of education Matthew Prempeh announced on Thursday that 90% of people working at the ministry of education have been infected with coronavirus, according to the mass testing conducted on the employees.

Prempeh admitted that he himself was among those who tested positive, and when the result of his tests came back positive for the second time a decision was made that comprehensive testing needed to be conducted on the staff of the ministry. The results showed that out of each 50 people who underwent testing about 45 individuals tested positive for Covid-19.

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The minister noted: “After my second result came out as positive, testing was conducted on all staff at the ministry and the results showed that out of every 50 persons, about 45 had contracted the virus."

“Most of them are asymptomatic so they are isolating at home. For all the 52 years of my life, I’ve never been admitted to the hospital before and it was not a pleasant experience. The disease is very real and I don’t wish it on even my foe.”

It's noticeable that many African nations have tended to ease some restrictions and lockdown measures such as lifting the ban on interstate travel and domestic flights, although the situation is worsening as the case count soars every day. Ghana has recorded 22822 confirmed cases and 129 deaths so far.