Over 2,000 Ghanaian health workers contracted Covid-19

Ghana health service officials revealed that over 2,000 of their medical staff had been infected with coronavirus since the pandemic outbreak.

Over 2,000 Ghanaian health workers contracted Covid-19
Ben Birchall/PA Wire/dpa - Archivo EUROPA PRESS

The director-general of the Ghanaian health service, Patrick Kumah-Aboagye, noted that 2,065 health workers have been infected with coronavirus since the pandemic hit the country.

Very good recovery rate

Out of that number, it was reported that 1,870 of the medical staff who had contracted the virus, completely recovered, while the other 183 are still receiving treatment in isolation centres or are into home-isolation. Only six people out of the 2,065 succumbed to the infection and passed away due to Covid-19 complications.

Kumah-Aboagye reiterated that lately the number of infections among medical staff had significantly decreased as supplies of medical kits and staff training had improved a lot.

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Noticeable improvement

Back in April, the main medical union had so many concerns and complaints about the lack of resources and protective equipment as well as the poor distribution of paramedics. Since then the health sector has improved a lot in terms of providing the needed equipment and sufficient trainings for doctors. Moreover, the government has been trying to encourage health workers by providing tax breaks and financial incentives for doctors and nurses in the line of duty.

Ghana, who has been demonstrating one of the best testing rates in Africa, has witnessed more than 26,000 Covid-19 confirmed cases, of which 139 have died.