Real Madrid's two-step plan to a Sergio Ramos contract renewal

Following the coronavirus pandemic Los Blancos have had to rethink their player strategy, and getting their captain to stay appears to be on a clearly defined path.


Sergio Ramos' contract renewal is less entrenched than it seemed. There may only be 55 days left until the Real Madrid captain can sign for any club that comes knocking but reports are that he will be staying around for a little while longer.

Ramos to renew with Madrid

As it stands, if Ramos does not sign an extension with the Spanish giants by 1 January 2020 he will be free to negotiate a deal to leave at the end of the season. But the defender who recently reached more incredible milestones with the most successful club in European football is not pushing for any departure. According to Spanish programme El Larguero, the renewal offer will be for two years, and notably there will be no increase in the financial remuneration. From then on, the player will have the say over any extension and the club will respect that decision.

The situation at the club is fairly simple. Given the effects of 2020 and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the plan is to reach an agreement with the squad of players first to reduce the overall outlay on salaries. This is to help with the 190 million euros of reported losses and comes on the back of the 10% cut that the players accepted as well as giving up on title-winning bonuses. The idea is to increase the cut to between 15% and 20%.

Once this is resolved, the club will then accelerate the renewal of Sergio Ramos with a view to announcing the good news to fans before the end of the year. The captain is aware of this whole situation, and appears to be relaxed with the process despite various comments being made about his desire to try pastures new. He is still keen to break even more records with Los Blancos and can end his time there by introducing the new Santiago Bernabéu stadium.