Veterans Day 2020: free meals, deals and discounts

Veterans Day honors all the men and women of uniform who have served the US and many businesses want to participate by offering special deals to our troops.

Veterans Day 2020: free meals, deals and discounts
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Every year on 11 November the United States commemorates all those who have given their service to the country with many businesses taking the opportunity to show their gratitude by giving current and former members of the armed forces discounts. A wide range of establishments offer discounts on food, goods, services and events.

In 2016, President Barack Obama gave a Veterans Day speech, calling it an opportunity to thank servicemen and women for the examples they set as citizens, not just as soldiers:

“America’s gratitude to our veterans is something always grounded in something greater than what you did on duty. It's also an appreciation of the example that you continue to set after your service has ended -- your example as citizens.”

What free meals, deals and discounts are available this year? has compiled an extensive list of establishments that will be offered our men and women in uniform both past and present which you can search by category. As they warn, not all franchise locations participate so be sure to call ahead to make sure and not make an unnecessary trip, nor be frustrated by not being able to take advantage of the deals available.

Restaurant Deals

Retail Deals

Travel and Recreation Discounts

Importantly, in order to enjoy these discounts, it will be necessary to show proof of your service, for a complete list please check this link to

What is the origin of Veterans Day?

Fighting in the First World War finally came to an end on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, 1918. The Allied and German forces put into effect an armistice to end the conflict, which was then formally ended with the Treaty of Versailles the following year.

But with four years of fighting over, it is 11 November which became the day on which many nations remember the sacrifices given by those who served in conflict. That date was initially known as ‘Armistice Day’ and it became an official holiday in 1938, set aside to honour veterans of the First World War.

After the Second World War and the Korean War the named was changed to ‘Veterans Day’ to encompass all Americans who had served their country. For a period of time in the 1970s it was marked on the fourth Monday of October, but in 1978 President Gerald Ford returned it to the original date of 11 November.