Where to buy PS5 on Black Friday: restocks times & deals at GameStop, Walmart, Kohls, Best Buy, Target, Amazon...

Check where and when PS5 bundles will be available to buy at GameStop, Walmart and other retailers during Black Friday 2020 in the US.

ps5 black friday walmart gamestop

PlayStation 5 (PS5) has been on sale in the US since 12 November but it didn't take long to sell out due to the number of pre-orders and the expectations generated by the Next-Gen device. There are two versions of the new Sony console: a model with a disc-reader worth $500 and a digital-only version valued at $400.

*Update on November 27: Stock at Walmart only lasted a few minutes before it was sold-out again, with its website crashing due to high user traffic. The next retailer offering available consoles is GameStop.

Black Friday sees the PS5 as one of the most desired devices and some stores had stock on sale ahead of this date. Check below where you can buy a PS5 and what deals are available during Black Friday in shops like Walmart, GameStop, Kohls, Best Buy, Target and Amazon, as well as the time the sales will go live and the specific sites to check.

PS5 Black Friday restock at GameStop: dates, opening times and price

The well-known gaming retailer will also have new stock for Black Friday 2020 at 7:00 AM on 27 November (local time at store opening location). The company has confirmed that all stores will have a minimum of two PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles.

New bundles could also appear on their PS5 website. On 23 November, GameStop announced new bundles for a limited time and online-only so be sure to check their website for new announcements.

PS5 Black Friday restock at Walmart: dates, times and price

Walmart states on its site that they will have PS5 consoles on sale on their website at 9:00 PM ET on Wed 25 November with the next offers:

PS5 Black Friday restock at Kohls, Best Buy, Target and Amazon,

Kohls listed PS5 bundles and deals during the last week but due to an excess of pre-orders, the retailer had to cancel some of them. The company hasn't stated anything about restocking it but new bundles could appear on their website. Check if there are any PS5 available at Kohls.

Best Buy launched its Black Friday bundles on 22 November so probably there won't be new ones after that. Nevertheless, in its FAQ it's stated that "nearly all Black Friday deals became available" on that date so new ones could still appear later. Check if there are any PS5 available at Best Buy.

At Target, on the Black Friday video game deals page, there doesn't appear any mention to PS5 bundles. Check if there are any PS5 available at Target.

Amazon doesn't show any stock of PS5 at the moment and the company hasn't stated anything regarding new restock towards Black Friday 2020 but some bundles have been dropping randomly during the last weeks so new ones might appear on Thursday, Friday, or during the weekend. Check if there are any PS5 available at Amazon.