Gigliotti 11', Yairo Moreno 82'

Club León 2-0 Pumas UNAM: result, summary and goals

Rodrigo Serrano

Club León 2-0 Pumas UNAM: result, summary and goals

Last Hour | Club León vs Pumas UNAM, Liga MX Final: Leg 2

Thanks for watching the minute by minute of the second leg of the final of the 2020 Guardianes tournament. León was the best team of the tournament and at home they didn't concede a goal during the playoffs. 

The history of a team is written every moment, with the size of the actions it takes and the spirit with which it faces adversity, León equalizes Cruz Azul with eight titles.

This is how 'Nacho' Gonzalez will leave the club and will end his career as a footballer! The veteran defender is crying of joy because it is the best way to leave, as a champion! He will become Ignacio Ambriz assistant coach for the 2021 Guardianes tournament. 

This is the eighth Liga MX title for Club Léon and the first one in six years! What a great performance throughout the 2020 Guardianes tournament.

León DID IT! They defeated Pumas 3-1 on aggregate and they will end the year without losing a game at home!  


Jesus Godinez mas a wonderful individual play leaving defenders behind, he gave a through to 'Chapo' Montes, but the No 10 couldn't tap it and that could've sealed the deal for the home team.

Last time León won the title was in the 2014 Clausura tournament when they defeated Pachuca. There are three players from that squad that are facing Pumas tonight.

Lira put the ball inside the box, but once again the defense clears it away. It has been a solid performance from the back-line in the second leg of the final.


Pumas with a free kick.


Pumas makes a cross from the right side and Rodolfo Cota comes out to punch the ball away from the goal.


4 minutes added of stoppage time.


Pumas keeps losing the ball in the midifield the entire second half and León capitalized from that.

Jesus Godinez comes in to replace Emmanuel Gigliotti.

Nicolas Sosa comes in to replace Fernando Navarro.


''Chapo' Montes gives Moreno an amazing through ball and the striker dribbles past a defender and his shot with his left foot to find the back of the net.

GOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!!!!!!!! León makes it 2-0


León seems comfortable with the result and they are letting Pumas have the possession. 

Meneses comes out and Rodriguez will take his place. Seems like Léon wants to close the game.


Moreno comes in to replace Joel Campbell.


There has not been a single shot on goal during the second half.

Joel Campbell is booked!


Navarro crosses the ball for Gigliotti who was alone by the penalty spot, but his header goes wide! What a missed opportunity for León.

Leonel Lopez comes out and Erik Lira takes his place.


'Chapo' Montes gives the ball quickly to Navarro, who tried to give a diagonal ball inside the box to Campbell, but Freire was able to clear it far away.


Favio Alvarez grabs Meneses jersey as he was breaking away, the referee calls the foul, but he decided to to expell Alvarez who was booked just a few minutes ago.

After checking the VAR nothing changes, Mosquera keeps the yellow card. 

The referee is checking the VAR the foul of Mosquera against Mayorga. He might change his decision to a red card.

Favio Alvarez receives a yellow card because he kept arguing with the referee. 

Andres Mosquera receives a yellow card.

Johan Vasquez won't be able to continue after clashing his head with Mosquera and Favio Alvarez will take his place.


Johan Vasquez receives a severe hit to the head and the medical staff rushes in to assist him.


Vigon makes the cross and Mayorga's header is deflected by the defense and Pumas gains a corner kick.



Aquino gives the ball to Gigliotti inside the box and the striker makes a good control and shoots, but the ball barely goes wide.


The second half has started at the Nou Camp.

The first half has ended! León leads 1-0.

Freire receives the second yellow card for the team of Pumas.


Three minutes added of stoppage time.


Mozo crosses the ball and as Gonzalez was controlling the ball inside the box, Mosquera clears it far away from Cota.


Dinenno lobs the ball for Gonzalez and his header was easily controlled by Rodolfo Cota. 


Luis Montes with the cross and as player from Leon was going to tap the ball, Alfredo Talavera comes out and clears the ball.


Corner kick for Pumas.


What a cannon from Carlos Gonzalez from a long distance, but Cota cleared it.

Early substitution for Pumas! Gutierrez comes out and Iturbe will take his place. 


What a shot from Meneses after he dribbled the defender from the left side, but the ball hit the side net. 


Gutierrez volleyed the ball and as the ball entered the box, Dinenno used his chest to change the course, but Rodolfo Cota was able to control it.


Iturbe is warming up for Pumas! He left during the second half of the first leg due to an injury, but it seems he has recovered on time.

Alan Mozo receives a yellow card, the first one of the game, after kicking Meneses on his leg while he had the ball.


Mayorga crosses the ball, but Rodolfo Cota comes out easily to take the ball.


There have been fewer than 3 goals scored in total in each of León's last 4 games.


Corner kick for León.

Off side for Joel Campbell.


Cross from Pumas form the right, Gonzalez brings down the ball with a header and as Vigon was going to shoot, the defense cleares the ball.


Mozo tries to cross the ball, but León's defense is not letting anything enter the box.


What save from Talavera after a volley from Gigliotti inside the box.

Mena leaves the game due to an injury and Joel Campbell takes his place.


Angel Mena gives a great through ball to Gigliotti and the striker shoots a cannon with his right foot inside the box and the ball hits the back of the net to give León the lead.



Gigliotti also seems to be suffering an injury, bad news for León.


Ignacio Ambriz has sent the entire bench of León to warm up, because Mena has gone down.


León starts with the high pressure since the first minute. 


Luis Montes puts the ball in the box after a free kick, but no one was able to tap it and the ball goes wide.


Meneses  receives the first foul of the game. 


'Nacho' González will retire at the end of this game! 

And away we go! León, who has not lost at the Nou Camp in over a year, will receive Pumas UNAM in the second leg of the final of the 2020 Guardianes tournament! In case there is a draw after 90 minutes, then they will go to over time and if necessary there will be penalty kicks!

This is the starting XI for the most important game of the tournament for León.

Pumas UNAM jersey for tonight's final at the Nou Camp.

Big surprise in León's starting lineup! 'Nacho' González will begin the game for the home team! As a fun fact, the veteran defender has scored in all the finals that he has played with Club León.

León is a very efficient and powerful side when they play at their own Nou Camp. The last time they lost at home was on 30 November 2019 against Morelia 2-1 for the quarter-finals of the Clausura tournament. León failed to advance to the semif-finals and Ignacio Ambríz was already the head coach.

This is what happened in the first leg! León with 10-men snatch draw against Pumas in first leg of Guardianes final.

According to the rules of the Liga MX, the team that wins the final will have to score the highest number of goals in the two legs. There is no away goal advantage in this stage of the 2020 Guardianes tournament, so if the game ends in a draw, they will need to go to over time and if necessary penalty kicks.

Alfredo Talavera recovered from his injury just in time for the final of the 2020 Guardianes tournament between Pumas UNAM and Club León. Even though he was included in the roster for the first leg, it was the veteran goalkeeper who decided not to play, because he didn’t feel ready to play in goal. But tonight he feels ready and he will start against Club León.

This is the starting XI for Pumas UNAM! What a surprise after all Alfredo Talavera will start! The last time he played was on matchday 16 of the regular season.

The Nou Camp will receive León and Pumas for the second leg of the final of the 2020 Guardianes tournament.

Hello and welcome to Club León against Pumas, Liga MX Final, Leg 2 that will be played Sunday December 13th at León Stadium.