Which team has played more NFL conference finals?

With the introduction of the AFC and NFC in 1970, teams across the nation have battled it out each year to be their conference representative.

Which team has played more NFL conference finals?

In 1970, the American Football League (AFL) and the National Football League (NFL) merged.

Prior to that, for a decade, the AFL had competed alongside the NFL, but as the fan following and competitiveness behind the new league grew, a decision was taken, in 1966, to create an end of season match between the winners of both leagues. The first four years saw each league win two titles each and so, ahead of the 1970 campaign, they came together and gave us what we have today: two new conferences and the Super Bowl.

Who’s won the most NFL conferences?

The two new conferences, the AFC and the NFC, have fought out their seasons since that year and both then sent their representative to the showpiece final to compete for the ultimate prize. We know, thanks to the immense coverage that it gets, that the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots have the joint equal record for the number of Super Bowl rings collected.

But which team has collected the most individual conferences champions is less known.

Dallas Cowboys

Getting to the conference game is one thing, and there is a tie for this accolade with the Steelers and the San Francisco 49ers having done so on 16 occasions. Just one behind them is the Patriots and one fewer still sit the Dallas Cowboys, on 14.

In terms of winning the conference titles, the Cowboys are leading the way in the NFC. They have eight wins spanning the years since their first in 1970/71 until their most recent in 1995.

In the AFC it is the Patriots on top with 11 wins. Their first came in 1985 and their most recent in 2018.