How long can Helene Svedin and husband Figo keep it up?

Model Helene Svedin showing off her ball skills and control in a fun video posted on Instagram with Figo in which they played a game of keepie-ups.

Swedish model Helene Svedin is known as the face of H&M, although she’s also starred in adverts for a host of other brands including, Guess, Giorgio Armani, Land Rover, Nike and L’Oréal.

Svedin's athletic abilities

She’s also a dab hand at keepie-uppies, as she shows here with husband Luis Figo. She’s also keen on horse-riding, as can be seen from her Instagram account.

Svedin met Figo at a Joaquín Cortés show in Barcelona in 1996. They have three children together: Daniela (born 1999), Martina (born 2002) and Stella (born 2004).

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