Vinicius: "Florentino told me he's my biggest fan..."

The Real Madrid winger said in an interview with TNT Sports Brasil that he never considered going out on loan: "I want to stay at Madrid forever".

Vinicius, jugador brasileño del Real Madrid, en el partido contra el Valencia.

Vincius gave an interview to TNT Sports Brasil. During the conversation with Madrid-based correspondent Tatiana Mantovani, the Real Madrid winger spoke about how he is getting on in Spain, his relationship with team mates Karim Benzema and Eden Hazard, the challenge of winning the Champions League and explained why he has never considered going out on loan to another club to gain more playing time.

How are you feeling?
Good. I'm happy with how my last few games have gone. I am getting my self-confidence back, we are winning games and getting closer to our principal objective which is to win trophies.

Is this season more difficult for you because Madrid have not been consistent?
It's always complicated when you play without the fans in the stands, and it's difficult to get used to. Last season we managed to win silverware, winning a lot of games through physical strength and our technical skills. This season has been harder because we are not playing at the Bernabéu - it's a little complicated, so our opponents don't have our fans there and the pressure is not the same. Our fans know that teams go though ups and downs during the season and that's why we need to be ready and mentally strong. At Madrid, all of the players are under pressure and we have to be focused to be able to go out there with our heads clear and ready to meet our objectives.

Some people feel that you have lost something to your game this season, you are taking less risks. Would you agree?
No, maybe I am maturing as a player and making the right decisions, trying to help the team in a different way than before.

Do you feel that the coach is 100% behind you?
Yes. I have 100% confidence in Real Madrid, in Zidane, in all of the players who are here, in the president, who gives me all of the strength in the world and tells me that he is my biggest fan after my family. I'm happy with all of that and want to continue helping Real Madrid and put the club where it always needs to be.

This is your third season at Real Madrid. Is it getting harder to deal with the pressure now you are more established?
Playing for Real Madrid has always carried a lot of responsibility - it's the biggest club in the world. But everyone at the club and my family, everyone around me makes me feel at ease so that I can focus on playing. I have responsibilities on and off the field, but out on the pitch is where I want to enjoy myself. I am getting close to 100 games for Madrid, I'm still young and one of the three players to have made the most appearances by the age of 20. I'm happy and my mind is focused on what I am doing here - I listen to all of the people who want to help me. I want to reach 200, 300 or more games with Madrid.

Did you ever think about going on loan to another club to get more opportunities or are you determined to stay at Real Madrid?
I've always been focused on staying at Real Madrid with the best players and learning from them. I'm 20 years old and it seems like I've been playing here for a long time, but I am only at the start of my career. I am developing by learning from all of the players here, in my position and in others. I want to stay at Real Madrid forever, continue making history and help the team by scoring goals, giving more assists, play a part in more games and help Real Madrid even more.

How do you get along with Hazard, who plays in the same position as you?
They'll always be competition for a place in the side. Everyone wants to play and not be left out. He always talks to me. Off the pitch he is a really nice guy - he's always happy. I am happy to fulfill a dream which is to play alongside Hazard. He's a great player, I watched him on television and how he took risks with the ball. To be able to compete for a place with someone like him makes me feel happy too.

Does he give you any advice about dribbling?
Yes. He tells me to just relax and never feel that I shouldn't take risks.

Ronaldo said that you don't lack anything to your game. It must be nice to have a club icon, you idol saying those things about you?
Sure. Every player who defends me or gives me advice make me happy. And coming from Ronaldo, one of the best players to have platyed for the club and our country. It makes me happy and honoured that people like him are watching me and giving me tips. I would like to do what Ronaldo did here. He knows about the quality I have, abd how far I can go - just like I do.

How is your relationship with Benzema after those images in the tunnel in Mönchengladbach where he was telling Mendy not to give you the ball?
Our relationship has never changed and it never will. Benzema is one of the players who has defended me here - he did everything to help me when nobody knew me and during the past two and a half years. People on the outside don't know what really happened. At Real Madrid, the smallest things get blown up out of all proportion in the media

Is the Champions League your big objective?
Yes, I have won three trophies with Real Madrid and I want more, and the Champions League is one of my big objectives.

What other players of your age have impressed you?
 I admire Jadon Sancho (Borussia Dortmund) a lot; Haaland, Rodrygo, Ansu Fati... there are quite a few players who are doing well and will shine in football.